• A Sister Is.....

    A sister is your guardian angel if she's older,
    and your constant shadow if she's younger.
    She's your best friend in all your endevours.
    Your confidant, protector of your heart,... more »

  • Ackward

    I thought you told me no acwardness
    please? I replied with an it's not even
    in question. Here I thought at least
    one of these times I'd still have a... more »

  • Almost

    I almost didn't hear
    your laugh, I almost had
    to cry all night, and
    you almost left... more »

  • Alone

    Left behind, scared, now where to go. This is
    what it feels like when you're alone. Unaware of
    those around you who once made you happy;
    nothing can seem to make you happy.... more »

  • Am I?

    Am I always what you dreamed
    or hoped for? Am I the ideal
    type as some would say? Do
    I make your head spin and... more »

  • Brian

    Cherished words still unspoken, love still
    felt but not heard, tears in our eyes,
    but joy in our hearts that you are pain
    free. Nine years ago, my dearest uncle,... more »

  • Broken

    Shattered and torn like a broken vase.
    My heart lies in pieces never to replace.
    All I long for is a hello, a smile of some
    kind. All you give are cold shoulders and... more »

  • Challenges

    Every day I hope to be the best
    version that God wants me to be.
    I put on my smiles and hide my frowns,
    hoping the devil isn't lurking around.... more »

  • Closure

    Well I thought I had everything figured out; I didn't. I told myself I could never talk to you again. Well, a couple of weeks ago I found out talking is what I needed.

    Since our conversation, I don't feel the need to think about you and wonder how you are. I don't need to relish on the past, but look toward my future of true happiness.... more »

  • Confused

    I don't know what to think
    of you anymore, I don't know
    how to act. You've made me
    feel confused about everything;... more »

  • Decisions

    I love inside an indecisive mind. One where all I can think of is running away, scared, and blind. I close those off who can hurt me the most. My heart takes the lead, my mind sits frozen, cold.

    Ideal is the future I believe to see. Of course, I'm covered with mindless uncertainty. With every decision there comes a price to be paid. I just want to make up my mind someday.... more »

  • Discovery

    These past few months have been
    an extravaganza. I've found out some
    things about myself I didn't quite like,
    and I found other things that exploit... more »

  • Done With You

    It's over, I'm finally done feeling anything for you. Too many times you masked your real identity and fooled my heart and head.

    For the first time I thought I found something great and worth giving a shot. Just like your tattoo, you've ripped out my heart and left me to bleed.... more »

  • Downfall

    Every piece of my world is falling around me, spiraling out of control.
    There's nothing I can do to stop the havoc which is compiling around me.

    No matter how great the outside seems to be, on the inside it feels like I'm dying. My life is a rollercoater of emotion and angst. Never do I feel... more »

  • Eyes Open

    Whenever there's a change you find common ground; who's in, who's out. You learn of those you can trust, and those which were there for the fun.

    Who would have thought it would take one move, to start losing those who've become close to you. As silly as this could be, I thought I'd be the first to walk away, leave. Alas, I have left my eyes open and can see, we may have never feen friends; just a few close blowing leaves.... more »

  • Fall Apart

    So often do I yearn to appeal to others, whether in a smile, a laugh, a presentation, or a look. Trying to keep it altogether from the start, instead of showing I fall apart.

    Too important has it become to impress others, whether the matter or not, trying to make life seem simple is more work than it seems; causing me to cry endlessly. I can't keep up this façade as much as I'd like. I pretend all is okay, but I'm trying to hold tight. Hold on hurt, distract the pain, but nothing works and I fall away.... more »

  • Falling Apart

    These last few months we've been
    silently falling apart. Our stars now
    fall from the sky and tears fill our
    hearts.... more »

  • Finding My Heart

    How come when I want something I
    try to set my heart to it? But what does
    my heart really want? In most situations
    you're told to go with your heart. Now... more »

  • First Sight

    The first day I ever
    saw you in my life, I
    was hooked on you.... more »

  • For Granted

    Sorrow-filled eyes stand before you today, wishing
    things would have gone differently. 'I wear my heart
    on my sleeve, ' is what you were told. Than you took
    me for granted when I loved you so.... more »

  • Forward

    ... more »

  • Fragile

    Broken, misused, abandonded, betrayed.
    Suffering due to everyone going away.

    Left behind, left alone, scared of the world with... more »

  • Friend

    Unable to fully put into words
    how I feel, my heart is un-repaired
    wanting to heal. I feel selfish at
    times for hurting so much, but you... more »

  • Hero

    Eight years ago I saw you frail
    and uncomfortable, sleeping and
    unattentive. I've never seen my hero
    this way.... more »

  • How I Felt

    Remarkable times together,
    wonderful conversations spoken,
    and your face lingering in my
    mind are what make those memories devine.... more »