• Inspirational

    All these years I've spent without you
    physically in my life, but you clearly are
    an inspiration. Lately I've tried to be
    what you were and what your spirit still... more »

  • Invisible

    Stuck in a corner afraid to let go, too many times left shattered, broken, alone. This pain in my heart will not subside-I keep asking God why?

    Why did you let him into my heart. Why was he charming, social, and smart. God looked at me and said, 'child please, how could I not let him see what I see? '... more »

  • Just A Number

    To me it's just a number, although
    I should see it as a legal matter. It's
    not like we're doing anything bad, and
    you can't charge off of mindful intentions.... more »

  • Let Me

    Let me be, watch me grow. How will
    I learn if I don't make mistakes, take
    care of my own.... more »

  • Let Me Down

    I've only known you for awhile. At first
    I was off-standish about your antics,
    but than I grew to be intrigued by all
    that you do and all that you are.... more »

  • Like You

    Too many years have gone by since I've seen
    your face. Too many tears have been cried since
    your day of grace.... more »

  • Looking Glass

    ... more »

  • Lost

    As you stand in front of us talking we
    realize we are the ones losing.

    Losing all trust built up between these... more »

  • Love

    All it takes is a smile to make a
    heart flutter. All it takes is a silent
    word to make a soul shutter. All
    it takes is a wink to make a body... more »

  • Low

    I don't know if you've
    noticed, but I'm confused
    by almost everything you do.
    I thought all was great, but... more »

  • My Reminder

    All these years there you've been. You've played
    all the correct parts we need for our play to
    procede. Both of you have been my coach, my
    friend, my very own bully, my rock, my father-granted... more »

  • New Image

    All my life I've been criticized about
    my body. These past five years it has
    been myself doing the criticizing. Never
    have I seen myself as pretty, not even... more »

  • Noise

    ... more »

  • Nothing To Do With You

    I don't see why you keep talking, keep your
    mouth moving like a gate swinging in
    the wind. I don't see why I even matter
    anymore; that early morning meeting was... more »

  • Numb

    Standing still unable to move, thoughts racing, egos bruised; all I have left are memories of you.

    Some days the words area hard to say, tears are easier to come by anyways. Sitting and trying to find the reasons why, I keep looking, searching, but nothing has been supplied. Unable to fully move forward, traumatized by the past, I try to be happy, but tears can't seem to be held back.... more »

  • One Cold Day

    She hasn't seen him for
    days, weeks, even months.
    The day she went to see him
    will be one she will never... more »

  • Overthinking

    Always presenting a confident front, making those around me think I'm alive. Never letting my fear and thoughts swallow me whole; always thinking I'm enough.
    Trying to let those I love in, but always holding up a wall. Anything good becomes suspect and nothing real comes into play.
    Overthinking, not feeling, going numb. Just when I think I have a hold of life; I chose to run. Run away from reality and pray to start all over. Over with friends, neighbors, cities, and love.
    Overthinking until my heart goes numb. Numb from the fear of letting you in, numb from the life I want to live. I sit here, I wonder what I really want; what would make me stop overthinking and move on.... more »

  • Peace

    ... more »

  • Perfection

    Standing in the mirror, trying to look in.
    Unfortunately, what's standing in front of me
    isn't beautiful, pretty, or thin. To reach this
    ideal structure, I have to scar whats with in,... more »

  • Picture

    Framed perfectly in my mind is the
    picture I want for my life. Unfortunately
    it does not come with changes or
    retakes; you can't delet or crop it.... more »

  • Pouring It Out

    I'm ready to give in, ready to let go;
    I'm laying it all on the line. It's been
    too long since I've laid out my feelings,
    my cares, my fears, and my pain.... more »

  • Re-Do

    I used to sit back with clarity and say, 'this will be my life someday.' That someday had come and someday has gone, and still I sit, alone, forgotten, lost. Too many times I stare at a blank page and wonder, on a re-do, can I get mine someday?

    Some paths I've crossed, can they ever be crossed again? Will I ever know my true strength or continue thinking this is the beginning of the end? Life goes on, seasons change, but yet my heart still aches. What will happen happen if the coin flipped the other way? Would I get my re-do and feel whole again?... more »

  • Ride On

    Your travels have been long, your journey now over. The live you lived great and fulfilling. Everyone shall get in one last ride on this earthly life, one last stand of love before entering their heavenly home.

    You were given a timeframe, one that didn't suit your heart, your life, or your love well. You carried a spunk of passion, a sparkle of love, and a will of determination. No one knows how they will take being told they have one last ride. You handled it with poise and grace, never giving in, never holding back.... more »

  • Rush

    ... more »

  • Safe

    ... more »