Aircraft engineer turned artist, writer of novels and poetry, book producer and self publisher.


Tex T Sarnie Poems

True Love But Painful

I know about all your faults and silly idiosyncrasies,
but I accept them because I love you.
I know you love yourself more than you love anyone else
and think that you are God's gift, but I still love you.... more »

I Miss You

Are you sitting by the fire in your favourite armchair?
Are your eyes tightly closed imagining that I'm there?
Are your fingers running through your hair like I used to do?
Is your memory taking you back to the way I used to love you?... more »

I Need Help

Who is going to help me when my mind
crosses over to the dark side again?
I need someone who can help and guide me
to escape this horrific frightening pain.... more »

Tex T Sarnie Quotes

Without words or speech we would be oblivious to thoughts of expression.
Roland Boole aka Tex T Sarnie & Orlando Belo

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Prabir Gayen 15 Dec 2018 01:57
Very good poet you are......