• A Balanced Love

    I want you to love me
    as much as I love you.

    So we can be as one,... more »

  • A Happiness Rainbow

    Today I am so full of happiness
    and hopelessly in love.
    The sun is happy too because it's raining,
    and just look at that rainbow above.... more »

  • A Look That Could Kill

    She looked at me with daggers of fire,
    daggers that could have killed.
    I never knew that she had such a stare
    or that she was so strong willed.... more »

  • A Mental Blockage

    A pen rests whilst awaiting action.
    Anticipation searches for inspiration.
    An idea is undergoing construction.
    A pen still awaits the vital instruction.... more »

  • A Player Of The Game

    Some people have said that I flirt a lot,
    but you can't deny the talent I've got.
    They also say that I have the gift to chat
    and I admit my success is proof of that.... more »

  • A Road Without End

    I began my journey on this long and winding road,
    the road that every person has to make.
    I didn't know at the beginning or even now
    where it would take me, or how long it would take.... more »

  • A Sad Rainbow

    I created a rainbow from my tears,
    and I dedicate that rainbow to you.
    I loved you more than you realised
    and more than I ever thought too.... more »

  • A Spider's Tale

    When I was a spider
    my world was upside down.
    To you I was on the ceiling,
    but to me I was on the ground.... more »

  • A Word That Says Much Less

    The overwhelming feelings I have for you
    are so much more than love.
    They're breath-taking, incredible, sensations,
    that transcend the heavens above.... more »

  • A Youngman's Decision

    The doctor told me I was suffering from hypertension
    and I had to calm down, and do much less.
    Burning the candle at both ends would be a killer,
    and my body required a needed rest.... more »

  • Adulterer

    A mutual friend has told me,
    you are an adulterer now.
    and that you've repeatedly
    broken your marriage vows.... more »

  • Always Sleep On It

    Come along body it's time
    for us to go to bed.
    We've listened to all the arguments
    and discussed what had been said.... more »

  • An Early Hours Visitor

    It was warm in the bedroom on this August night.
    The curtains were drawn so darkness filled the room.
    It should be a perfect night for sleeping.
    I was tired and sleep couldn't come too soon.... more »

  • Appearances

    I admit that sometimes I may appear to be a little lazy
    and occasionally I may even be somewhat crazy.
    But that doesn't stop me from loving you,
    being what I am is what I do.... more »

  • Apprehension

    I have an inner feeling of apprehension
    and I have no idea why.
    Something is going to happen I'm sure
    and I don't know if I'll laugh or cry.... more »

  • Are You Ready And Prepared

    Whilst taking a holiday in East Africa
    I was shocked to see poverty everywhere.
    On a visit to a village, a young boy said,
    "Are you ready and prepared? "... more »

  • Attempts At Creative Perfection

    Relentlessly I searched my mind's streams
    of thought and imagination.
    Amongst the pulses that bring forth responses
    to my quest for mental stimulation.... more »

  • Attraction

    From a distance I noticed your shape.
    Then I saw your figure, hair, face and eyes.
    You were a picture of outstanding beauty,
    and you had struck me more than I had realised.... more »

  • Bartender Please

    Another three fingers of Red Eye
    and keep them coming until I say goodbye.
    Bartender don't walk past without filling my glass
    with those three huge fingers of Red Eye.... more »

  • Behind My Back You're Cheating

    Don't think that I can't see you
    trying to pull the wool over my eyes.
    I know precisely what you're doing
    much more than you can realise.... more »

  • Biological Valve

    One of the most taken for granted parts of our body is the anus in our bottom,
    and yet there is hardly a day goes by when it has a chance to be forgotten.
    A well-designed and created outlet valve for the release of gases and debris
    how thankful we are that we have one to let these products go free.... more »

  • Body Language

    Silent messages are used when the voice cannot be heard.
    in the form of a gesture or movement of the body, limbs, or eyes.
    Messages can convey attraction, ask a question, give an answer,
    display misunderstanding, relay feelings of love or hate, and say hello's, and goodbye's.... more »

  • Born This Way

    Even as a small boy he enjoyed playing the fool.
    Loved dressing up and going to school.
    He was taught piano and acoustic guitar,
    and dreamed of being a rock 'n' roll star.... more »

  • Brexit And The Turncoats Of Democracy

    Our parliament representatives were voted in by the people
    through the rightful ways of democracy.
    Parliamentarians have clinics to determine how their voters feel,
    and when in doubt, democracy rules by a referendum for all to see.... more »

  • Bubbles Popped

    I tried to make a tune out of alka-seltzer
    and tried to make a song out of wood.
    I whistled a tune I've never heard before
    and all together they were no good.... more »