• Hymn To Hypatia

    A thrust, a push from writhing members
    In the crowd, in the sea, a bustling moment
    The meter falls beneath the feet
    And papyrus burns in ignorant embers... more »

  • Lady Of The Canyon

    Eager visage midst locks of well-worn gold
    Transcend the flesh in fact but nobly seek
    To rise to the future and relinquish the hold,
    Enliven the spirit and pull the soul from the deep.... more »

  • Quest

    As I wandered through a forgotten land
    An idea jumped, gave me a fright
    About a memory, take a stand
    A doubt into my mind was cast... more »

  • Revelation

    Behold God’s ashen countenance in the sky
    Whence such sweet droplets like tender needles rain,
    Lightly caress the earth, tired ground now stain’d
    Slowly dripping boughs let anxious foliage fly... more »

  • Sophrosyne

    From cold high peaks the thunderheads roll
    blackening and chilling the plain
    where lies a roiling mountain
    and a canyon filled with flame... more »

  • To Philimachus; Weaving Threads Unworn

    ‘To Lucasta; Going to the Wars’
    Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind,
    That from the nunnery
    Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind... more »