thabang maepa Biography

Born and raised in elandskraal township, limpopo province, South Africa.I started writing songs when I was in primary school and it used to be a self entertainment.When I was young I used to have fantacies and bad dreams, as I still have them today.I was always too creative, and I used to pick my toys, gather my friends and formulate a story.Some of my friends would even wake up early in the morning, came home and asked if I was there [to narrate], the other day is the other way around...i need audience to enertain myself with.In 2012 i was moving to secondary school, where I developed maturity in literature.Grammar lessons where much more interesting for me, but come a test i would fail badly.I was never capable of memorising...I always waned to come with my own creativity and not to memorise someone's work. Oneday after poetry lessons by Mr Mphahlele, I set down And tried to write my own poem, and i finally did but did not love it.Poems are quite agly when you're not used to them..but as time goes on, more practice, you get to love yourself [your poems].I started looking for poetry publishers, and even today i am still searching..silently.