• Abused

    I wake up to the squeaky tunes of her broken voice singing for forgiveness
    I add my note to the melody as I become a spectator
    I wish this sight of Ma getting beaten didn't pain me
    She does after-all enjoy it or why else would ma stay with him?... more »

  • As I Say, Not Do.

    'Well they tell us one thing and do another'
    A drunk friend cheers on....PREACH
    Am not going to church,
    These people are liars... more »

  • Colour Of Experience

    I was given a white ticket to life
    I used it to paint my world
    The colour of my experiences... more »

  • Cycle Of Life

    I Wake up to the beautifully peeping sunray flashing at my face.
    Birds chirp harmoniously in the background
    Greeted by the fresh smell of coffee hubby is brewing
    I watch hubby get dressed, pats me with a forehead kiss before jetting off to provide for us.... more »

  • I Need You

    I need you.... I need you
    All that you are is but just a passing shadow
    An illusion from all the broken memories
    Playing a chorus behind every unsung hymn... more »

  • Knowing God

    For the first time I listened to your word
    Every line waving at me like a light house
    Trying to direct my SOUL to the path of LIFE. 
    I turned from you and focused on acts of the flesh... more »

  • Loyiso

    You wonder why
    But it is all because of you
    In my heart your name remains engraved... more »

  • Undreamer

    Seeking the rare and unique it suddenly becomes apparent
    All Is rare and unique....just look within
    All started with unique ideas and to popular sites
    Wonders of the world... more »