• Alive To Tell A Tale.

    Glued to the addictive touch of life
    I remembered my dear mother
    When they pointed lead spitting machine to my forehead
    Powered to smoke out brains and blood.... more »

  • Love Away From Love

    Being too sanguine in love was a crime
    Thinking love is sacrosanct I presumed
    NOTHING will obstruct our union
    Days of wailing really dawn unannounced... more »

  • Monsoon In The Hills

    Nature suddenly wakes up to listen to the rain songs
    To take a satiating peep at the soaking and drenching
    Of man, buffaloes and the green sleepy surrounding.
    Men wakes up early, women never seem to sleep... more »

  • My Village Cemetery Ghost

    I saw her perched on a cemetery cross
    To welcome me home to the place I belong
    One rainy day long time ago
    Beating the darkness with her bright dress.... more »

  • The Discovery

    Life flies on like a wounded butterfly
    Mornings filled with hope thinking it's a new day
    Yet nothing 'NEW' seems to dawn
    I traveled within the same circle... more »

  • The Final Adieu

    Brothers are we, doomed to fight
    To uphold ideologies created by man
    It was hard to watch the headless corpse
    Of my brother slaughtered by my brother.... more »

  • Time

    The grainy moments of life get sifted
    Abiding the laws of regeneration
    Thus returns the pain of Mortality
    Breaking a peaceful trance... more »