• A Note To Somebody Who Once Cared

    Hey man, what have you been up to?
    Not a whole lot here, I just can't seem to get over you

    Everything you used to tell me haunts me at night... more »

  • Angel (My Best Poem, I Think)

    This angel inside me is slowly burning
    She's turning evil, not like me at all
    It hurts so bad as my life starts turning
    No longer can I rise proud, just painfully fall... more »

  • Even Though

    I try my best to treat you good just to keep you here
    I blew up sometimes full of anger and fear

    Im sorry if I have hurt you... more »

  • I Wish

    This is a really old poem of mine...

    I wish he was here
    He chases away my every fear... more »

  • In My Heart...

    I miss you so much
    And Im sorry I ever hurt you
    We fell apart, we lost touch
    I wish I would have knew... more »

  • Shadows

    No matter what I'll always be there
    Maybe visible, maybe not
    I'm the other person to your pair
    I see you cry, even if you don't cry a lot... more »

  • To The Big Guy

    Sometimes I dont know what to do
    But I know I'd be lost without you

    Im so glad your here for me and you listen to me... more »

  • Today

    Im here with nobody beside me although everyone surrounds me
    I love some people more than others but that's really hard for those peopleto see

    Especially when I cant take it anymore and I just blow up and say stuff that I didnt really mean to say... more »