As the years move forward, my thoughts move back. Reliving those moments in time where my heart went off-track. I go back to those feelings, and create a work of art. I have written poetry for many years, and whether i kept them, lost them, or perhaps never even finished them...I find inspiration to write in everything. In these last few months of school, I am beginning to realize that the real world is soon approaching. An experience that will change my life. I plan on furthing my creativity by attending Paul Mitchell the school, and advancing my position as a stylist at the salon where i am now employed. My ultimate dream is to one day open up my own shop, in which i will call: The Ally Cat Salon. A dream that is far away, and seems almost impossible to achieve, but i will not rest until I have accomplished this. I intend on having lyrics from songs and poetry painted across the walls of the salon, and hanging- art of local rising artists trying to become known. I feel that no matter where your creativity originates, and how you persue can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.


The Ally Cat Poems


A vial of poison, pour down my throat, and allow it to secrete into my bloodestream, ever so rapidly, so that I may never have to experience such pain again.

A sharpened dagger, piercing through the center of your heart, tearing through the layers of tissue, that were once pieces of my heart, attached to yours. Ton apart ever so slowly, so that every last inch ails you more and more.... more »

America The Beautiful.

America the beautiful,
Is what they say.
But what really goes on,
And what happens each day.... more »

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