• A Night

    Once is sat upon a dark and mystical night,
    Watching the moon with total delight,
    The sky with the stars- sparkling and dazzling,
    Evoked in my heart a distraught feeling,... more »

  • An Evening

    The sky has turned pastel pink,
    And the glorious sun is about to sink,
    This is the time to feel distraught,
    This feeling in your heart comes seldom not.... more »

  • At Peace.......

    The time is still, but is flowing,
    Like the water in the brooks,
    It seems so calm and still, yet it flows
    Towards the destiny that it took.... more »

  • Bread Turns Him Dead.

    A Death
    Bread turns him dead,
    The final decision of his life has been taken,
    An anonymous voice to his soul said,... more »

  • Failure

    Try a thousand time to,
    But you would never get through,
    To overcome it is unfeasible,
    A part of life undeniable.... more »

  • Hamlet

    Whenever comes in front of eyes; my dearly Hamlet,
    Far away goes all; from my mind; my instances of regret.
    There in the meander river flows sparkling and gleaming waters,
    My sight wanders like a butterfly, but ceases my chatters!... more »

  • He

    He who can behold the strength of courage,
    Knowing the price needed to keep it,
    He who can fortify his mind, by all the bad thoughts,
    And whilst infiltrate to others mind, the positivity of values,... more »

  • My Prayer

    “Salvage me away from painful grieves” I pray not oh god of mine,
    Never shall I get tormented by them,
    Nor do I beg for solace to my smoldered and Razed Soul,... more »

  • Pride And Almighty

    When pride subsists almighty doesn't,
    and when almighty subsists there is no pride.
    The vale of love is totally compact,
    No two can live beside.... more »

  • Rain

    Rain fell on my eyes,
    And washed away my memory,
    I felt good for some time,
    But I out looked it was temporary,... more »

  • The Waves Of Time

    Once whilst walking on the seashore leisurely,
    Did I passed a distraught moment,
    I was taken aback by the scenery,
    My soul tranquil, my heart prudent,... more »

  • Triumphant

    It is unseen by the Worldly eyes,
    but felt by the ones who persevere,
    The worthy ones who against all odds; defies,
    The tumult of destiny That would to them; veer.... more »

  • Worthy People Make Worthy Me

    Just like worthy weather makes a tranquil rain,
    We may speak of truth,
    The power of the youth,... more »