• A Bullet Never Lies

    im so empty inside
    lost and confined
    feels like my everything
    is caving inside... more »

  • Afraid To Be

    im sorry that you love me
    im sorry for hurting you
    im sorry im not perfect
    im sorry for making you cry... more »

  • Alone

    The worst pain Is loneliness
    The pain of it stabs and tears at your heart
    The reality of knowing
    that you have no one... more »

  • Broken Heart (Short)

    Fallacies of my heart
    Tear at me
    An open wound
    So viciously cut open... more »

  • Cant Talk About It

    as life gose on
    im left singing this song
    the would keeps turning
    and i keep yurning for her... more »

  • Dieing Of A Broken Heart

    to may days gone by
    with out her by his side
    up all night with memorise of the one he loves
    in plane sight... more »

  • Dieing With Out You

    Im sitting here all alone
    Silently crying
    No one’s around to here me
    I wonder what your doing... more »

  • Echo

    Memories replay in my head
    like an echoing rhythm
    and eching beat
    the beat of my heart... more »

  • Eternity In A Night

    i count the days
    we've been apart
    everynight i go to bead
    with a broken heart... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    An angels wings
    Are an angels heart
    These angels wings
    Are falling apart... more »

  • Falling Apart

    He cant take it anymore
    He's running out the door
    All he can think about
    Is how she dosnt want him anymore... more »

  • Falling To Pieces

    Watch the pieces fall into place
    Watch them make out her face
    Like a puzzle in my heart
    I watch them as I fall apart... more »

  • Fear

    Fear in my mind
    Of the anger in side
    Try to hold back
    before I attack... more »

  • Finnal Destination

    Count down the hours
    Till my final destination
    My final distillation of my heart
    My world is falling apart... more »

  • Forever And For Always

    For ever and for always
    I say these words to you
    And I say them true
    When I say them it means... more »

  • Halo

    to the angel of my heart
    spread your wings and fly to me
    kiss me with your soft sweet lips
    the lips of an angel... more »

  • Hate Me

    im to buisy waging wars with my self
    to have someone by my side
    because all ill do it put them in the middle of it
    and driive them away... more »

  • He Misses Her

    to may days gone by
    with out her by his side
    up all night with memorise of the one he loves
    in plane sight... more »

  • Hear For You

    tell me whats on your mind
    whats wrong this time
    speek to me my dear
    you know that im always hear... more »

  • Here To Stay

    It’s all the little things you do
    That keeps me so in love with you
    All the things I’ve ever done
    I never ment to do to you... more »

  • Holding You Tonight

    no matter how well off i am
    or how much i have
    i will still need you
    no matter how im loved... more »

  • I Love You

    Words cant explain
    What you mean to me
    When im w/t you im happy
    All my problems diapere... more »

  • I Need You

    Two months have passed us bye
    Since you decided to leave my side
    As time keeps passing
    It’s getting harder and harder... more »

  • If I Leave

    dont worry if i leave i'll
    come back to you
    my love will guide me back
    through the smoke and guns... more »

  • In A Snowflake

    As I stand here watching
    The snow fall from space
    I’m reminded of her beautiful face
    Each snow flake is a tear... more »