• Achooooo

    I felt sumtin goin on in my nose
    It felt like sumtin that no1 nose
    It kinda felt like this
    (achoo)... more »

  • Claire Mitchell

    Back home im a stray
    Back home they say say say
    Im a stray stray stray
    Im a stray stray stray... more »

  • Everything

    Everything I do
    Is because I love you.
    More than any girl,
    More than anything,... more »

  • I Waz Ate

    I waz ate
    Oh yes I waz ate... more »

  • Maria

    I saw this girl one night when I was walkin down the street
    And I decided she was 1 I would really want 2 meet
    But I didn’t have a chance cuz im so pitiful
    And of course she’s so young n beautiful... more »