Lucky coins land heads up. This is the tale of the tails. I already exist. This is an alter ego for my darkness. To protect the innocent and to protect the not so..........the Flip Side.


The Flip Side Poems


Why I sigh is this goodbye,
we do not try farewell;
This goodbye is why I sigh,
my love I could not tell.... more »

Tails Or Tails

How did you choose that I was to lose?
Your decision was my rejection,
my rejection was your action,
your action - my reaction,... more »

Emergency Use Only

The hidden bottle.
It changes.
Sometimes large, sometimes small.
Almost full, almost empty.... more »

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Comments about The Flip Side

Rosi Fousse 24 Oct 2012 05:30
I think your good, just, you write differently than jack expects XD so.... Keep writing, wanna see some new stuff.
Jack Aubrey 01 Feb 2007 03:42
A mediocre so-called poet of no particular merit. His attempts at self-justification resemble those of criminals who claim their victims 'made them do it.' And no, I'm not his victim, and have not met him.