The Mowjo Biography

I have been writing on and off for over forty years now, most of it long lost and long forgotten, so most of my stuff now is from the last five years, I have never had a use for clever words, I like to keep things simple and to the point, for me it's about conveying a feeling, If my poetry does that for you, my efforts have not been wasted, much of my earlier work is of a Spiritual nature, but in the last year my own thoughts have crept up on me and ended up written down, most of my scribblings have just sat on my computer for years, appearing only on the odd web-site, until I met Slim and Sally Clarke, encouraged by them both that they deserved more, I decided to share them with others, so thank you Slim and a special thanks to Sally for your kind words, , , , , , , Mowjo, , , , , , ,