• Angel Feather

    An Angel passed my way today,
    And left a feather just to say,
    I’ll help you, watch you, be your guide,
    I’m always with you by your side,... more »

  • Angels Hope

    The day I left your side my Lord,
    To set our people free,
    You thought I had deserted you,
    You turned your back on me,... more »

  • Black And White

    White as the Snow, Black as the night,
    Seek the truth and know what’s right,
    See the answers all unfold,
    White and black will turn to Gold,... more »

  • Boboo

    In a distant land of the great Boboo,
    Where everyone knows just who is who,
    And the Boboo’s all have knees of Blue,
    With feet of green, well a funny hue,... more »

  • Creaky Door

    Silent tears and things unsaid,
    A child wishing they were dead,
    The silence of that empty room,
    Knowing what will happen soon,... more »

  • Cries

    Cries in the dark that no one heard,
    Tears of despair, but no one cared,
    You called for help but no one came,
    Things that happened take no blame,... more »

  • Dark Worlds

    I wish that I could see your smile,
    And hear you laugh again,
    I wish that I could help you,
    And take away your pain,... more »

  • Diamond Tears

    Tears of an Angel wrapped in sorrow,
    Tell me why you fear tomorrow,
    And why the pain so deep in you,
    Stays hidden away, and not in view,... more »

  • Dolphin Dreams

    Take me back to the sea,
    Where I used to be free,
    And I could be who I am,
    When I wanted to be,... more »

  • Dream Teller

    The shadow in your dreams you see,
    The shapeless form is only, me!
    I’m there to watch you, and observe,
    The maker of your dreams I serve,... more »

  • Earths Tears

    I sailed the Sea of this Earths tears..
    I’ve seen the hurt and felt her fears..
    I’ve seen the things that man has done..
    And seen what we must overcome..... more »

  • Fateful Day

    A lull fell over Lowestoft upon that fateful day
    No crowds, no band, just silence
    As they watched us sail away,... more »

  • Fred

    I met a man today who wasn’t really here
    I said how are you doing, He said I feel quite queer
    I asked him what his name was, and he said I don’t know,
    He said I saw this light, and just knew I had to go,... more »

  • Gabrael My Guide

    Gabrael my trusted guide,
    Why do you never speak?
    Gabrael, my special friend,
    Why do you never sleep?... more »

  • Gods Answer

    Ok then God what Happened?
    The day I needed you,
    Why did you turn your back on me?
    Oh, God what did you do?... more »

  • Goodbye To An Angel

    Be still my little Angel,
    I’ll sing you lullaby’s,
    I’ll sing of Birds and fluffy Clouds,
    Pretend were Butterflies,... more »

  • Is It Real

    Trust In what you hearing,
    Not always what is seen,
    Believe your inner instinct,
    You’ll know It’s not a dream,... more »

  • Lonely Old Man

    The crowd looked on as the old man cried,
    But no one knew his name.
    The crowd looked on when the old man died,
    And they all said what a shame.... more »

  • Midnight

    It was just as the clock struck midnight that I realised another day had passed,
    Had my life just become a lifetime of yesterdays, perhaps it had,
    As the old clock finished striking and the sound of the bells faded from my ears
    I had the feeling that tomorrow would never be within my sight,... more »

  • Mum

    Mum, you’ve gone to a better place,
    Now there’s only me, and Dad,
    Were really going to miss your face,
    But we really can’t be sad.... more »

  • Sailors Farewell

    The funeral was over,
    And all the mourners gone,
    We’re going to miss you Sailor,
    But guess your work here’s done.... more »

  • Secret World

    There’s a secret world I go to that exist only in my mind,
    No one is allowed to enter this world, it’s mine alone,
    Death, sickness and decay don’t exist here, it’s a world of peace,
    Where the Unicorns and Dragons still roam free,... more »

  • Sequence

    Four minutes fifty-nine seconds until the Sequence begins,
    And the point, at which you may become part of my life,
    Or the point, at which you become just another name in the past,
    Should I accept you, there would be no turning back,... more »

  • Sleeping

    I never realised until I watched while you were sleeping,
    Just how beautiful you are,
    The soft moans you gave were like a haunting song,
    That somehow echoed in the stillness of the night,... more »

  • Suzanne

    Suzanne, you were a wondrous child,
    You suffered all your life,
    And to all you met gave happiness,
    Though your world was full of strife... more »