• Anything But

    When the doing was done, became the knowing
    Could your eyes meet mine?
    The stained carpet,
    The torn, faded wallpaper.... more »

  • Coming Home To An Empty Flat

    ... more »

  • Insomnia

    'Hello old friend', said the night time
    As we hugged each other like brothers.
    We drank sour wine alone, together
    Resumed our conversation as if it had been yesterday... more »

  • Song Sung Grey

    Song Sung Blue
    Everybody knows one.
    Song Sung Blue
    Every garden grows one.... more »

  • The Me Me

    Today I glimpsed the me me,
    Not the me I show to others,
    And see in the mirror each morning.
    The wide-eyed frightened child,... more »

  • The Ticking Clock

    Don't dream of days tomorrow
    Don't dream of days behind
    Live for just this moment
    And seize it in your mind... more »