• Adam And Eve

    All your old hope
    All your old gold
    Have nothing to do
    With saving you this Eve... more »

  • Alone At Night

    There was something painfully familiar about the situation
    (There’s some great awakening waiting just up ahead)
    There’s a semi thought emotion holding you there... more »

  • Baby

    Dread seeped into your bones
    The day you came to face
    That your little baby
    Had passed away... more »

  • Click

    theres a click of a gun
    its pointed at you
    hold your breathe
    wish it wasn't you... more »

  • Found

    i've found the pain i've been looking for
    its been here all along
    this fresh wound
    so tender... more »

  • Friends

    your lips so soft a whisper

    my hate so harsh it blisters... more »

  • Hardly

    you say to me... more »

  • How I Became Me

    I’m part of his flesh you know it’s hard to admit, I know
    They say that it started with a man’s ribcage just went and plucked it
    And sometimes I like to wonder if maybe it was I who plundered the recesses of his body
    And my poor mother too, from her he did bear the fruit and in my unknowing injustice I was the one to consume it... more »

  • Kill Me She Says

    Kill me she says
    Your little porcelain doll
    All in pretty lace
    And red lips... more »

  • Like You Give

    It’s stupid I tell you
    Get away from me
    Does it look like I love you?
    You make my teeth clench... more »

  • Lips Glazed

    Lips glazed
    Heart a beat
    Feet weak... more »

  • Melody

    something struck beneath me
    and heaven viewed me,... more »

  • Nothing

    blindingly i walk to you
    but i find nothing to lose... more »

  • Oh Sister Of Mine

    I hate you right know
    I can feel it too,
    You think that I can hold up
    More than I can chew... more »

  • Possesive

    a lasting touch of remorse

    has me coming back for more... more »

  • Rip

    it starts with a touch
    a gesture at best... more »

  • Shame

    maybe falling
    this lifes dead
    the sound of sirens calls... more »

  • Sweet Baby

    Sweet baby
    Let me sing you a song
    It goes a little like this... more »

  • Tarts

    the Queen of Hearts has lost her tarts
    and i'm the one to pay for it... more »

  • The Sound

    I always thought
    You were something more
    (Something of worth)
    You were like a jewelry box... more »

  • With Me

    ... more »

  • You

    there's a light up ahead of me
    there's darkness behind me... more »