• My Bodhi Tree..

    Most trusted Media ever
    Needs any power never... more »

  • My Moon Love..

    I was driving my car
    On the ECR,
    In the thick of night,
    Enjoying the sight,... more »

  • My Transcendental Connection...

    My transcendental connection
    Who grew and filled my inside vision
    With whom I felt my completion
    My split self; my son!... more »

  • Pet Puppy

    My sweet pet puppy
    Is cute and chubby... more »

  • Rain Dissolved My 'I'

    Heavenly drops falling all around
    I stretch my hands; Move round and round!
    My bones and nerves atlast found... more »

  • Slumdog Billionaire..

    /* Some thoughts on Slumdogs in our mind */

    Lost in the wilderness, their sullen spirit
    Suppressed and Surpassed in their grit... more »

  • So What Dear..?

    /* Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. A few thoughts dedicated to her */

    They said for thirty days lust is the glue
    And in the next thirty love is the brew... more »

  • Solitude Souls

    The blacktop road is shining smooth... more »

  • Sunny Son

    As I was cleaning up some old papers, I found this written by me long back. Not sure if I wrote this for my son or daughter.

    In the depth of darkness sleeps the earth... more »

  • Talent And Knowledge..

    /* These are some verses based on a story in Ramayana */

    Once there was a Rishi
    Learned of all the sages and seers!... more »

  • The Fifth Step..

    /** These are few thoughts based on a story I read. The story I read was slightly different. I had taken it and modified to suit my thoughts. In any new thing we do, we experience these four stages, which we need to cross to receive recognition */

    At the dawn of rays of light they start
    And move towards the forest's heart... more »

  • The Love Remainder..

    After all these so many years
    Still I remain thirsty of you... more »

  • The New Savitr.....

    /* On the occasion of 50th marriage anniversary of an old couple, I wrote these thoughts*/

    Sun, Moon and the Planets near and far
    Galaxies, Constellations and the twinkling stars... more »

  • The Raining Sun..

    The sun woke up in one eye... more »

  • The Real Superstar

    Screams the FM, AM, radio and the media
    Birthday wishes to the Beloved Superstar of India
    The only one superstar who is part of our folklore
    Was born not today; but a day before... more »

  • The Spirited Squirrel

    Jumping on the branches, walls and pipes
    Early morning, even before the sunrise... more »

  • The Time Lion..

    Neither in Random, Nor one by one
    Time Lion hunts after everyone!
    Everyday as a new day is born
    Nearer it comes, to catch us if it can!... more »

  • Time Stops My Dear....

    Today is the birthday of my wife. I share some thoughts on her birthday.

    When I check in an airport or its lounge
    Someone always says “Sir you look young”... more »

  • Unload And Unlearn - Happy 2011

    Few thoughts as we approach another year.....

    *********... more »

  • Unpredictable Angel

    Like a dew filled morning rose
    Her eyes blossom, Her face glows!... more »

  • Who Is The Best..?

    Once there was this Rishi
    Living under a banyan tree... more »

  • Wonder Woman.. (Dedicated To Women On Women's Day)

    /* Dedicated to women on International Women's Day */

    Wonder what a woman is?
    Typhoon, Hurricane or a breeze..?... more »

  • 'X' Change Vows..

    /* On the eve of our wedding anniversary, few thoughts dedicated to our marriage. Think would be applicable for most (Indian? ?) marriages..*/

    At times your acerbic words hurriedly dart
    But they don’t prick or pain my heart... more »