• (((Soured)))

    Filled to the full of enuff yet
    Deluged by after thoughts;
    Tantilizing memories of
    Affluent days of erotica;... more »

  • (((Springup)))

    T'was quite quaint you see-
    The way the Sun warmed the trees-
    Which had chattered endlessly-
    From an unforgiving Northern freeze;... more »

  • (((St. Helens)))

    This volcanic mountain stands in great majesty
    Pregnant with knowledge o'er time
    Upon the threshold of birthing baskests of lava filled knowledge
    Todays Pilgrims take on its steep climb;... more »

  • (((Stems)))

    Empty hours accumalate -
    And take over;
    Nothing ventured and definately-
    Nothing gained...... more »

  • (((Storm)))

    The inclement night raged--
    Against the uneven pulse of the city-
    Tearing down its bastions...
    The night terrors ravaged...... more »

  • (((Sunday-Sweet-Sunday)))

    Bucholic 'tis this season...
    Down the lane the church bells ring-
    Springs in the air-and salvation 'tis everywhere...
    As a choir of sweet song birds sing;... more »

  • (((Sunset)))

    ...And in the West the Sun 'tis ready...
    The Occident has prepared its bed...
    But O' such an awe-inspring splash of colors-
    That surrounds its enormous orange head;... more »

  • (((Surgeries/Revelations/Puzzles/Shelter)))

    White walls and steel gurneys-
    Antiseptic fills the air-
    Outside the OR in the waiting room-
    The night whispers a familys heart-felt prayer;... more »

  • (((Sustain Me)))

    Your arms are my shelter...
    Aching from the storms of yesterday-
    i run-
    Through fields of sorrow and regret-... more »

  • (((Temporary)))

    It comes across as a vapor-
    Its tenative and ephemeral and slight-
    Its the reflection and absolute detection...
    Of ones true spirit when exposed to: The Light;... more »

  • (((The Bully)))

    S.S. Bernardo traveled the seas-
    Oh so high and mighty-he preened-
    His long dark curly locks were blowing...
    At last, his true character has been seen! ;... more »

  • (((The Challenge)))

    All alone in this armidillo desert...?
    One cactus and a makeshift dusty road-
    The sweltering heat plays tricks on my eyes...
    Enter: Mirages of vast mesas covered in Gold;... more »

  • (((The Chanteuse)))

    The chanteuse chased melodies-
    Her voice rubbed elbows -
    With a guitar with broken frets-
    In-sync with the Clubs Bass-... more »

  • (((The Dance)))

    I shall dance before him this night-
    Wrap him up in my spin and swirl...
    Call unto him with my writhing-come hither-
    Step, step him into my dancing whirl;... more »

  • (((The Ghost)))

    You were but a diaphanous vapor just passing through...
    A nameless enigma suspended in time...
    With transparent emotions afloat in my atmosphere-
    A most brillant performer in the silence-a grand mime;... more »

  • (((The Island)))

    Isolation sits
    On islands.
    Tiny inlets
    and bays... more »

  • (((The Big Candy Apple)))

    New York City is hoppin'
    The Big Apple is Candy-Red
    Times Square is quite an affair
    Never mind the thoughts slinking outta our heads;... more »

  • (((The Clinic)))

    I was sitting upon your knee--
    When i was all of twenty-three--
    And i can still remember you speaking so softly...
    On that Friday that seems like an eternity;... more »

  • (((The Theater Of Our Life)))

    Waiting in the wings for you--
    Your sweet smile holds my thoughts--
    Contemplating your heavenly lips...
    And imagining our long awaited touch;... more »

  • (((This Thing Of Ours)))

    In the twilight of this quiescent moment-
    I peruse this thing of ours-
    Querying this palpable abtruse connection-
    Am i deluded or wrongly perceived by the stars?... more »

  • (((Times A' Tickin')))

    Its half past forever...
    And i'm wastin' no more time--
    I gotta get through...
    Your reason and your rhyme;... more »

  • (((To Dream)))

    So sweet 'tis your slumber-

    Such relief from the everyday flow-... more »

  • (((To Be Quite Frank)))

    T omorrow will open itself wide with view
    H onering all the hero's this day
    E ver praising their character & diligence
    V igilant and tenacious in every way;... more »

  • (((Together Again?)))

    Blazing past the perimetters of yesterday-
    Into a valley of new possibilities...
    We are back together electronically;
    Across the computer we fuse;... more »

  • (((Too Good To Be True)))

    He came into my life quite effortlessly...
    Though t'was predicted ahead of time-
    Arriving in a gilded horse drawn carriage...
    A handsome devil gifted with words of rhyme;... more »