• August Leading...

    The shadows were closing in...
    But then, came mention, from a good friend
    ...Caressed by the summer sun,
    Taken in, by the nights that you send!... more »

  • Autumn (A Theme)

    ...In the schematics of the theme
    Unaltered vibrant rays
    ...Cast their gilded luminescence
    Upon late September Days... more »

  • Awaiting June~~~

    The mourning doves run rife through the Mimosa
    While a deluge of California sun beats down
    Everywhere is getting acquainted with somewhere
    While the bougainvillea leave their fingerprints all around;... more »

  • Awakening Sonja~

    Through her obvious and smug delight of face
    We see through her sheer floral embroidered lace;
    She is still such a true sadistic fool
    Unsound & unwound - her thread bearing spool;... more »

  • Babylon

    Carried away by inuendo's
    Your body language emulates
    I sit in a dazed fantasy world
    Wanting to re-create... more »

  • Back Alley Wanderings

    It's them back alley wanderin's again-
    And i got them sneak around blues
    Your footsteps on gravel-crackle heavy
    Cigarettes with DNA-foot prints from your shoes;... more »

  • Bad Kitty? ? ? ~

    So what is behind your suave exterior Kitty?
    Is it just a clever practiced routine?
    Coming out from your Mercury-coated curtain
    Spewing scripted words that you do not mean?... more »

  • Bad Seed?

    Cisterns of toxins?
    Sizzles the brain?
    Scars in the myocardium
    And pent up disdain;... more »

  • Be~

    Be not my love poetry
    Found in an archway of trees
    Be not the silences & it's reckoning
    In the barren desserts of ne'er to be;... more »

  • Beauty-Defined~

    I can't remember tuna sanwiches
    Ever tasting so good
    Or chicken noodle soup, so tasty;
    Must have always been the cook;... more »

  • Before You~

    Before your big brown eyes
    My green eyes were always blue
    Before the warmth of your arms
    The cold of Seattle was all that i knew;... more »

  • Being

    The day arrived without much pomp or circumstance
    ....With clouds curling and dipping 'cross the heavens
    While the sun raised her gentle arms in greeting - with warmth
    ......The river below flowed in a perfect rhythm... more »

  • Benediction & Beatitudes~

    Here's to the gentle mysteries of life
    The time tested happiness of ones heart
    And the reminders of the joys of ones soul
    That bind us together-never-ever to part;... more »

  • Betrayal

    Cry me a river of tears
    And engage my most broken of souls
    Apologize for such blistering betrayal
    And then just turn and go... more »

  • Birdsong Part Two

    A gentle trill comes through the breeze
    A warbler sings its song
    'Tis the Deity's Golden Rhapsody
    How could such beauty e'er be wrong?... more »

  • Blossoms Of May

    May bloomed brilliant...
    Wide eyed in blue skies
    Dancing in daffodils and tulips
    It's breeze-a gentle fragrance of mixtures... more »

  • Blue On Blue Moments

    ...My thoughts are: ' Blue On Blue'
    They gravitate in my minds eye this day-
    ...With remembrances of all the heartache...
    And the day, we went our seperate ways!... more »

  • Blue And You

    It was Panama
    And blue butterflies
    Significant as Blue Velvet
    Blue as the sea's surrounding it... more »

  • Book Of Days

    'Tis written in my book 'O days
    In this season 'O living and sweet blooming love
    Your gentle hands shall guide me on my journey
    Into our promised land- so high above;... more »

  • Breathe

    I inhale and discover you
    Your essence is everywhere
    Exhaling i suffer your withdrawl
    I so need your sensual care... more »

  • Broken

    Forgiveness comes at a cost
    An ocean of tear filled days
    Entwined in the banners of once love
    Fighting battles of our tired ways;... more »

  • Broken - #64 ~

    Love has had it's bittersweet moment's
    Counting the day's and it's ways
    Remembering all the teardrops scattered
    Between the lakes & my heart broken bays;... more »

  • Bumpy Roads

    Listening to the traveler's woe...
    .....upon their journey's leg
    Dressed in naked 'wonder'...
    ...In hope for new life - they beg.... more »

  • But That Was Yesterday...

    Just an orphan - - you were
    Of a cold motherless womb
    Walking an uncivilized path of wrath
    A prophet of doom and gloom... more »

  • Calla Lily

    I remember The Calla Lily
    The Field full to running over
    And my most beloved
    Running without a care... more »