• (((12th Of Never Goin' Happen)))

    .....Norwalk vigils

    .........Spot...new...digs... more »

  • (((A Date With Quicksilver? ? ? ? ?)))

    Mercury 'tis the messenger of the Roman Gods...
    It 'tis also an Angel without any wings-
    It can and does fill the air with its hidden mists-
    Insidiously breathed through Silver Strings...... more »

  • (((A Day Without You)))

    I missed you the other day...
    ...When the sky was blue-oh so blue-
    Why the sun was out shining so bright-so very bright-
    ...And all i could think about was you;... more »

  • (((A Morning Song)))

    Steal me away'til the morrow...
    'Til the sun raises its sleepy head...
    Let us cast our way upon the winds of today...
    And allow for our desires to be fed;... more »

  • (((A Return Of A Raw Memory)))

    Destiny and Fate played with my memory-
    Comin' round' to my back door-
    Bringing back my days of yore;... more »

  • (((A Seasons Lessons)))

    Through pastel winds of evermore
    I blaze my way
    Upward and onward
    Climbing impossible mountains of chagrin... more »

  • (((A Summer Elegy)))

    </>The flowers are now shattered
    Their thorns bleed the rose
    A Basket full of withered Daisies
    Where the wild sunflower still grows;... more »

  • (((A Long Standing Circle Of Inheritance Theft)))

    Back handed hints-oh how they now abound...
    Just rollin' on in with the tornadic wind...
    Tossed about-with most tremendous clout...! ! !
    Back to where it had once been! ! ! ;... more »

  • (((A Making Of Love)))

    It was in the early morning of need...
    Where seduction came face to face...
    Left behind in the early evening of first desire-
    Upon the wings of sweet love... it raced;... more »

  • (((A Most Welcome Summer)))

    Spring bid her adieus...
    With but one more teary rain;
    The following day each window-
    Was already pulsing with hints of summer;... more »

  • (((A Painting)))

    the dregs of night folded

    as stars twinkled 'cross the northern sky... more »

  • (((A Temporary Pause...)))

    ...Let it be known to all of: 'import'
    ...That at what has been called: ''tis just a pause'
    ...For so dogged in his insanity's pursuit
    ...'Tis The Wizard Of His Wicked Oz;... more »

  • (((A Ubiquitous Love Game)))

    Quite contrary to the love you that wrote to me...
    You have toyed with my psyche--
    Running me down, indirectly...
    'With untruths and inaccuracies'... more »

  • (((A Wayfarer)))

    The cliffs are the edges of paper--

    That time has torn away...... more »

  • (((Absence)))

    Busy trying to keep--
    My mind going...
    To hide your absence...
    I pick stars from--... more »

  • (((Address)))

    Time flies Phillip, you know-
    I think black and white will work just fine-
    Many people have been out to make their Mark...
    Everyone is involved this time...... more »

  • (((Advent)))

    It was in the Dawn of new beginnings
    In a field so full of you
    Armoured bouquets of Love
    Covered by Heavens baby blue;... more »

  • (((Aesthetically Atheist?)))

    You carry yourself so well--
    Broad shoulders of almost steel---
    Standing tall through it all...
    But with a heart that is unable to feel! ;... more »

  • (((After The Rain)))

    I missed you the other day
    When the dew left its diamond glitter upon the grass
    And the squirrels and frogs were frolicking merry
    When the silence of daybreak calmed... more »

  • (((Alexa))) -Aka-(((Billy)))

    It's two steps forward for you
    And three steps back
    You, residing in insulation and cob webs
    Waiting...waiting...waiting to attack... more »

  • (((All Wet))) The Song

    On down the river of circumstance
    Drowning in a sea of despair
    I try to shelter my heart
    Knowing that you are no longer there... more »

  • (((Amber Mist)))

    An imigrant of Dawn, i rise-
    I search the roses and trees for thee-
    Comes Spring and Summer joy of Love-
    Where warmer shadows hide the last freeze...... more »

  • (((An Aubade)))

    </></Oh such bitter sweet regret-
    Comes the breaking of dawn...
    'Tis much too soon, my darling
    For you shall soon be gone;... more »

  • (((Anew)))

    Painfully lost without you-

    I am tickled pink with fancy;... more »

  • (((Apathy)))

    Oh ye of little faith
    Denying the grqce of forgiveness
    Erasing your compassion
    And turning in the opposite... more »