• Miasma Of Forces

    Like a RagDoll tossed high in the air
    All feathers and stuffing floating 'round
    Only one way up
    No safe way to come down!... more »

  • Midnight Blue

    And defeated worn out heart
    Authentic lover so true
    Sunset arrived much too quickly... more »

  • Mischief Making Trolls

    I'm kind of tired of you playing with my Facebook Page
    ...Know you simply mess with the delete
    No real friend of mine would do such a mean act
    .....My opinion of you is now complete.... more »

  • Misery~

    I saw the sliver in your eye- - - - -
    My soul reflected clear
    There is no one perfect in this world
    Much less the wraiths, so near;... more »

  • Missing Our Friend

    It was just another night
    ...not even married for two years- -
    Fighting about most everything in sight
    ...Unsettling emotions-the loss of someone dear.... more »

  • Missing You Still

    Your eyes were always my weakness
    Today, they appear ever clear
    It's hard to believe that you left this Earth
    So many reminders of you my dear;... more »

  • Mister Arrogance Aka S.S. Bernardo...

    Same old slippers?
    Same old rice?
    Same Old glimpse
    Of Paradise? ;... more »

  • Mo0nshine & Things Divine~

    Come lazy day moonshine...
    Ima risin' upon the rollin' river long
    Collectin' moments of sunshine on it's banks
    Singin' me a happy days song;... more »

  • Moments Of Silence

    Did you know
    That there is a Firmamant
    Between us?
    Amid silent box springs... more »

  • Monster~

    I am no longer in need of your denatured quotes
    You and those caffeinated eyes
    Lingering upon victims of your deplorable
    Focusing on their plaintive cries;... more »

  • Moon In Mercury

    Saying good-bye
    To the present and past
    Once created memories
    Were never meant to last.... more »

  • Moon Shadows

    The lily white brillance
    Of the silken full moon
    Engages the shadows
    In the alleys of hardened goons;... more »

  • Moonshine & Things Divine~

    Come lazy day moonshine...
    Ima risin' upon the rollin' river long
    Collectin' moments of sunshine on it's banks
    Singin' me a happy days song;... more »

  • More Than A One Night Stand

    Oh what a sad sorrowful
    Slow rhythm
    Yet so sweet
    'Neath your breast... more »

  • Morning Has Broken~ (One)

    Barefoot mornings and you my beloved
    Your sweet breath upon my ear
    The finger's of sunrise's butter rays- linger
    And dance in this morn's shadow's, my dear;... more »

  • Morning Song

    It is not the morning come too soon
    ...For the sands in the hourgalss fall too fast...
    An hour, at least 'tis left my love
    ...So what shall we do 'til dawn has cast?... more »

  • Mornings Ecstacy

    Night and blue stars in a silver galaxy-glimmer
    Soon swirls of golden eddies mark the way
    Daylight bathes her in brightest sunlight
    'Tis a velvet- soft musk- filled day;... more »

  • Mourning Tide

    Too many years spent upon this pier of life...
    My naked feet dangling
    Barely touching the sea's water;
    Way too much salted air in my lungs to breathe... more »

  • Mr. Mahony's Slipper's

    Mr. Mahony has some cool slipper's
    He jokingly refers to them as his flipper's
    They are completely fur lined
    With an all purpose design... more »

  • Mr. Manson (Paranoid Schizophrenic With Delusions) On Cocaine

    His veiled threats became clear to the world
    As he visited many hippie halls
    His paranoia ruled his every thought
    While his delusions of grandeur cast a pall...... more »

  • Mrs. Weatherby

    Woe to you Mrs. Weatherby...
    So greedy, self centered, always first
    Real feelings are not hidden anymore...
    Love only, your unquenchable thirst;... more »

  • Mrs. Browne And Me

    Mrs. Browne traveled roads
    Passed upon by me
    Inviting into nature
    The butterfly and bee... more »

  • Music (The Song)

    It plays to my heartstrings...
    It is the music to my ears-
    ...It is the tender love song of my life-
    And the refelections of my years...... more »

  • Musings

    Last night
    The Sunset
    Wrapped herself
    In skirts of 24Karat Gold... more »

  • My Baby Blue

    It's always been you- -
    Never once in a pause...
    Loving you through out time
    Despite all of my flaws.... more »