• My Beloved

    In the midst of this ephemeral moment in time
    ...Near to the field where love once played
    I find my older self very much in full bloom
    ...Where once feelings were tucked neatly away.... more »

  • My Fortress

    Is made of parcment paper
    Manilla envelopes shade
    The sun
    Once a fortress made of... more »

  • My Legacy Part I

    I remember a shirtless child
    And shredded jeans
    A pony tail as long as forever
    And Mexican Jumping Beans... more »

  • My Man

    He has been mine for a very long time (decades)
    Forever-together with unbreakable ties that bind...
    Know in my heart that he is my last
    Unlike my first husband of the past.... more »

  • My Cirlces Of Awareness (Rhyme & Reason) ~

    My life altered dramatically from baby blue, deep red, to pure white- -
    .......Over eons of a 'roller coaster' of time~
    And with each and every 'enlightening decade' or era-
    ......I found new realities that made for perfect rhyme.... more »

  • My Days Of Wine And Roses

    A Tangerine sun glazed The Travis Vineyard
    While the Deep Purple haze, just glowed
    The aroma's from all of the picked grapes
    Filled Napa's Colored-flavored show!... more »

  • My December

    Relentless Winter lays itself white
    Far below the mountains spires
    Muted tones of off white and grey
    Linger near a warming fire;... more »

  • My Dream About You

    My grief 'twas unendurable
    Suffocating each instant in my breaths sigh
    Ne'er to forget the reality that 'twas you
    Forever as the Benediction of light in the sky;... more »

  • My Life

    My life has grown ever so long
    Over the evergreen to red clay and desert sands
    From The Pacific and Puget Sound to Pecos River dry
    Covering nearly half of God's great land;... more »

  • My Red Rose~

    It was in the mist of
    The morning
    Out of a deeper set fog
    Clinging almost to... more »

  • My Seattle~

    It was a Seattle mist that fell here today
    Swallowed up by the states giant size and parched ground
    A desert of a place on the edge of the Panhandle
    It left me longing for Mt. Rainer and Puget Sound;... more »

  • Mystic Disco

    Mystic Disco
    ...Play your musical sound...
    ...Glamour and music passion...
    They go 'round and 'round... more »

  • Needful Awakening

    Long and hard
    The bantering
    Shook my eardrums
    Drunken revelery... more »

  • Needle & Thread~

    How fascinating it is to mend
    Following varied colours of thread
    Cot-ton from 'downunder' 'tis found
    With nary a cryptic word said;... more »

  • Needs~

    She looks at him with guiless eyes
    Totally absorbed by his robust build
    Her mind conjuring up a virtual mix
    Of heated scenario's... more »

  • Nest Egg

    Far and away from the talons of greed
    Their conscienceless faces remain
    The green back-the root of their evil
    Their wickedness-a most profane bane!... more »

  • Never Late

    The Spring sky beckons
    Through clatter of hailstones spent
    Thunderstorms are extensions of Heaven
    Quenching the Earth-God's raindrops spent;... more »

  • Nineteen-Ninety One

    Your inspirations to write fertile
    Comes from your darkened ground corridors
    Much as a mad chef with his dominating seasonings
    Using Basil and Garlic more and more;... more »

  • No Thanks To Your Heavy Metal

    In the brilliance of the full moon
    We are taken
    ..........Down yesterdays lane
    Spit on and abused - soiled and used... more »

  • No More Rain

    It started with random ramblings
    So alone i would talk to the wall
    My body giving in to wear and tear
    And from my eyes the tears would fall... more »

  • Not My Cup Of Coffee ~

    When she left Minnesota...
    She left behind her North Star- - -
    Heading in the direction of the Aurora Austrailis
    She did, indeed, come very far;... more »

  • Nothing Bad Ever Stays Hidden

    Cleverly hidden in Cemetaries of yesteryear?
    Cobwebbed Tombstones of regret?
    Grown up wild with weeds untamed
    Lay dying in the western sunset!... more »

  • Now Is Nearly Gone

    So brief the sunshines glow
    The lavenders bloom
    Or the dusks purple calm
    Too quick is the gloom... more »

  • Obtuse View~

    Insistent unworthy once confidant
    Oh, apathetic descendent of harm
    'Tis darkness being splashed upon your canvas
    Unexpected brush strokes-are cause for much alarm;... more »

  • Of Betty, Rainy Days & Gift's Given

    In another lifetime
    ...She went by a different name
    But TODAY in the NOW of 'Knowing'
    ...I recognize her - just the same.... more »