• Photographs & Words

    Rabbits and Coney Island
    Air conditioners with sterile air...
    Dogs from New York
    And even more 'Air Conditioner' AWARE- -... more »

  • Picture Windows~

    Solitude brings forth reflection
    Windows shaded~now open wide
    Joys and sorrows of a disconnected past return
    Where once disassembled~i would hide;... more »

  • Pigeon

    My life is in a peaceful state
    Secure from red-headed tricks
    Sequestered from hairy Neanderthals
    High up in a watch tower of red brick;... more »

  • Poem

    I pound the concrete
    Way too wired to sleep;
    In just the ecstacy of it all
    And the brillant colours of Fall;... more »

  • Poet-Robert Edgar Burns (February 14,1953-April 20,2012)

    The final curtain lowered itself
    As footlights shown ever bright
    And from the balcony-there was still applause
    In what had been the theater of your life;... more »

  • Post Script

    This starless night breaks open -once again-
    Through a cumbersome chilled breeze...
    My windowsill 'tis laced with ice chips
    And glazed-frozen branches are left upon the trees;... more »

  • Practicing The Golden Rule

    Do unto others
    As we would have them do unto us
    It's a wonderful rule
    No reason to fuss...... more »

  • Pray For Me Mary

    Having long felt that respect is earned
    i am awakened by disrespect
    It's been right before my eyes
    But i was blind to it... more »

  • Predator

    I was once a little girl of innocence
    Always safe in the soft of mama's arms
    Nothing and no one could ever hurt me
    No one could ever do me harm;... more »

  • Prince Of The Sparrows

    He was a Prince of the sparrows
    Spreading his wings e'er so proud
    Dauntless in his flight-yes daring...
    At his best, when high in the clouds;... more »

  • Proceed With Caution

    Tangerine coloured lights shine only
    As they entertain cameras to a visual scene...
    Gone are the skyscraper trees and their nimble branches
    Of a most free flowing evergreen...... more »

  • Promises, Promises...

    He always spoke with an accent
    French was so becoming to him
    Many romantic dinners at bistro's
    And our new love borne on a whim;... more »

  • Puzzlesolved

    ...After all, it's a puzzle lover's dream- -
    Let's start with Texas & end up in Pennsylvania
    .....Honestly, all the "dots" make quite a team.... more »

  • Rain

    In Seattle one could count on it!
    Barometric pressure falling daily...
    With the probalbility of rain-
    Oft' times morphing into a steady drizzle... more »

  • Rapture?

    ...A float in Holy Waters of The Jordon...
    Or cleansed, by the zephyrs of new Spring-
    ...My spirit blends, as the Angels ascend...
    While goodness and mercy, are on the wing!... more »

  • Rays

    As shadows tap danced
    'Cross a dappled sunset
    A forest of Mesquite came alive
    By a Guitar quartet... more »

  • Reach

    The intelligence of the heart
    Is really all that matters
    All the rest-wasted breath
    'Tis but mindless chatter;... more »

  • Realities Escape

    Gravely i grimace
    In knife-like pain
    Living vicariously
    In realities cold rain... more »

  • Red Dress~

    Morning has broken- -
    Autumn did speak...
    'Hope that i am everything
    that your Summer Soul seeks';... more »

  • Reflections

    I am a silhouette
    In the mirrors of your mind
    The scent of a woman
    Upon silken sheets sublime;... more »

  • Rejection Slip

    Dainty in Pink?
    Not Clever chiffon...
    Won't pay the bills -
    A Notice, Too Strong!... more »

  • Remembering Marilyn

    Some Liked It Hot
    On the set
    With Marilyn;
    Her sultry... more »

  • Rescues Question

    O' miscreant of envy
    Your brevity doth surmount
    With your covetous bounty
    Careless whisper's they come about... more »

  • Resuscitation

    I commiserate with empathetic attitude
    With platitudes of yesterday
    Accented with caomparison and forgiveness
    That i have sprinkled along the way... more »

  • Riddle - - '77' - - '78'...~

    Ever heard the quote: 'Tom, Doc or Harry'?
    Well Harry exists but with a diversified last name! !
    When spelled - *'left' to 'right' and 'right' to *'left'
    It's a bit different - but those in the know understand the game;... more »