• Snow Birds

    A cistern of bitter dreams came calling
    Contained in a liquid misery from the Niagra snow
    Not melted naturally by the suns teeming rays
    Blanketing me from the swift wind that blows;... more »

  • Some Gifts Are Given~

    Oh lady of woe have you no shame?
    Heartless deviant of mime
    Sour spewer of innuendo...
    Voracious doom caster of time;... more »

  • Sometimes Poets Bleed

    Copious amounts of blood flow, nonstop
    .....A poet's head is in total disarray- -
    Knocked silly against a sharpened "edge"...
    ...Bringing forth the dawn of day.... more »

  • Sometimes-It's Just Time To Say Good-Bye

    It is impossible to please everyone all of the time

    Especially when you're yelled at or raked across the coals... more »

  • Sometimespoet'sbleed

    Copious amounts of blood flow, nonstop
    .....A poet's head is in total disarray- -
    Knocked silly against a sharpened "edge"...
    ...Bringing forth the dawn of day.... more »

  • Song Of Spring

    With a song of Spring in my heart
    I embrace this day of Spring
    The warmth replacing the Winters chill
    And my dream that gives rise to wings;... more »

  • Sonja's Song~

    Her voice reverberates in the Night air
    And it is swallowed up
    By those who need
    To know...... more »

  • Sound And Light ~

    An Ode To George Orwell (1984) *****... more »

  • South 23rd And Barrow

    Yesterdays news still chills me to the bone!
    A true story of murder here in 1984...
    A convenience store clerk was bludgeoned to death
    The monster was not caught for 15 years more;... more »

  • Sowers-Reapers

    Sodden path of Destiny
    Guides out spirits fruits
    As seedlings planted in
    The ground... more »

  • Stake Out? ? ?

    Conjecture plays ever heavily
    In these days of 'what's really going on
    Outside vehicles parked so perfectly- -
    To perhaps catch someone elses computer wrong?... more »

  • Stench

    Living in such a hateful world
    Where storms are more prevalent than sun
    Where inflicting pain - brings on the cold rain
    Where despair outweighs joy when day is done... more »

  • Stepping Softly Into Spring~

    March arrived here like a little lamb...
    Softly upon tippy - toes- - -
    Tinted with hints of emerald green- -
    Slowly tossing out Winter's weather of woes;... more »

  • Still Life In Oils-De Jour

    You painted a most exquisite picture
    ...Brush stroked her canvas delicately
    With feathered brush-a touch
    ...Tinting with royal hues-... more »

  • Stone Garden

    In this still
    Winter chill
    Upon this sharp
    Dewy morn... more »

  • Stoned Sister~

    Blistering heat courted her daily
    Long through the bowels of Hell
    Driven by obsessive urges, stinging
    She, looking quite unwell;... more »

  • Street Person

    Oh what a cagey vagrant
    Slumming yourself flawlessly
    Garbage bags filled to overflow
    As you pace the city streets endlessly... more »

  • Summer Fall

    'As imperceptibly as Grief
    The Summer lapsed away'
    No matter how tightly i hung on
    The Summer would not stay! ;... more »

  • Summer Breeze~

    It seems the world has many ears- -
    I wonder, can they even hear me breathe?
    Does my every breath come across loud and clear?
    Can you even hear it when we leave?... more »

  • Summer Days & God's Grace Filled Ways

    Magnificent morning meadows sunshine melts the mist
    Glistening gloriously upon the green blades of grass

    .....Bringing bountiful breathtaking beautiful blooms... more »

  • Summer Swelter~

    Drenched in this humidity...we suffer
    Feeling claustrophobic in this Summering swelter
    With bare feet we walk the yellow blades of grass
    Looking for our green dressed shelter- - -... more »

  • Summer~

    Summer 'tis always bursting forth within me-
    As invincible as a tidal wave of stone...
    Slicing the middle out of winter
    A hidden sun-lit heat-yet unknown;... more »

  • Summers Night Reality

    Desire maps its scrutiny
    'Round shadows lusty foreplays
    Encapsulating a heated forever
    In a 'Never-Ever' kind of day...... more »

  • Surviving Winter~

    It was a dandelion March
    Guiltless as a new born child
    Boundless as the infinite sky
    Yet unfathomnable as the wild;... more »

  • Sweet Lorraine

    April came with its answers...
    And oh, how that Spring simply flew
    The bad news ordered radiation and toxins
    I knew, we were beginning to loose you;... more »