• Those Were The Days

    Oh, how it seems such a lifetime ago
    .....When the fields became green with new birth
    A place where gazelles once danced
    A place where lovers romanced... more »

  • Thoughts~

    It's just a golden oldie afternoon
    A time to remember and review
    The starlings and sparrows are playing hide and seek
    Next to the In and Out bird bath 'neath the Mulberry... more »

  • Thread's Unraveled~

    Always leaves me with uncomfortable
    With sheer disdain in my mind...
    Such drab grey twig's and uncertain wings
    Devoured by your word's oft' unkind;... more »

  • Tight Rope~

    It's a balancing act at best- this life...
    Wake up- breathe in and yawn
    Prepare your mind and your body
    Prepare yourself for a brand new dawn;... more »

  • 'Til Love Walked In

    She never experienced any true love dreams
    .....Nor had any hopes realized
    ..........That is until you walked on in
    And stirred her with your incredible eyes!... more »

  • Time N Tears

    Time is teething again and again-
    'Tis the tick in dire need of the tock-
    Replacing tales told 'bout loves
    ...............Time passages-... more »

  • Time Ii~

    I have been trying to recycle my wasted time
    But, alas, to no avail
    Moments gone swift by the second hand
    Unforgiving tick-tocks - simply sail;... more »

  • Time~

    Time waits for no one
    Tick tocking itself along
    Even measured seconds
    Morphing into minutes... more »

  • To Digress

    Solitude reckons with the darkness...
    As midnight burns the candle down
    Decay of the years brings forth tears
    As the tapestry of our life is a mottled brown.... more »

  • To Know

    While just children we see the rays of the sun
    But not the Power that created it.

    While just children we hear the sounds of the flowing brook... more »

  • To Be Or Not To Be? (You Came, You Saw, You Conquered?) ?)

    Near Winter solitude exudes reflections
    Through the windows of time, i peer
    Remembering the Sparrows Song
    It is their sweet melody i hear;... more »

  • To Dream

    'Neath these hallowed halls of dreams
    Came a stirring blush of aware
    Deeply felt-too soon to melt
    The warmth of 'truly care';... more »

  • Together Forever

    It was in the childhood of days-
    The trails of our misty morn
    Bedazzled by Springs blossoms
    Where our: 'Together' was born;... more »

  • Toxic Grey Day

    It was an acrid day that came calling...
    Arriving with a graven tempest of that day
    Unveiling a forlorn existence
    A lunacy - bent on having it's way.... more »

  • Toxicology

    ...........The plant- -a cactus or flower?
    Blown in the central - air.........!
    Giving the immoral - their malevolent power!... more »

  • Traffic

    Albert, Lupe, Gilbert and Sergio
    Pirates of the tarried night
    Slip right through the masters key hole
    But are captured by the morns daunting light;... more »

  • Train Of Thought~~

    Juxtaposed into position-
    I ride the rails of memory...
    Train of thought moves me on down the line-
    The tracks of yesterday rolling on...... more »

  • Trainwreck

    ...Diligence it served me well?
    Shadow waiting tenaciously 'neath your veil
    Grasping at straws of needful answers
    ...Your train-about to derail... more »

  • Transistion's

    It was a summer of copper hued water flowing gently
    ...With the sounds of mandolins in the air...
    An ambience embellished with vibrant colour
    And me with purple ribbon's in my hair.... more »

  • True Love Knows No Boundaries? ? ?

    It's a organized ring giving reunion in November- -
    .....They will meet and scheme in drifts of snow.....
    'Cause Christmas (opportunity) is arriving soon- -
    And there are things they NEED to know.... more »

  • Two Can Play This Game~

    He was mesmerized by her eyes
    Gone in their green/gold hue
    Ravaged by their come-hither twinkle
    Completely lost when within her view;... more »

  • Two Elves Of Christmas Past

    Moe & Bev - two elves of a past Christmas invasion tale
    Worked on OUR maze but, indeed, were bound to fail
    With the sharing of traversing here at the EDGE of CHRISTMAS NIGHT
    With a mere mention of OUR COMPUTER'S ROUTER LIGHT... more »

  • Two Friends

    Spring is the season of hope...
    ...Of weary heart beats growing strong again
    Of diseased lymph nodes disappearing
    ...Of bountiful prayer for the ill to mend.... more »

  • Two Hearts~

    Do not leave me now my love - my darling

    For i have waited for thee in a most lofty place... more »

  • Union

    </>Delicate sweet rapture came knocking
    Gallant O' The Galaxy-his name
    Left his calling card in her door
    Thus-the beginning of Loves Eternal Flame;... more »