• (((Fool Me Once)))

    From my little corner of the world...
    I sit silently listening and reading...!
    Can't help but wonder though--
    Can't believe what i am seeing;... more »

  • (((Footsteps Of Dawn)))

    The morning Sun 'tis tip-toeing...
    With its gentle orange rays...
    Beaming steps from this tangerine orb...
    Opens up a brand new day;... more »

  • (((Footsteps Of Dawn-Part 2)))

    Aurora quietly tip toes in...
    Softly in the east her steps arise...
    Pacing each shimmering ray...
    Slowly ascending-Lemon Orb- in the sky;... more »

  • (((Forest Bedroom)))

    Secure in your heated arms...
    Protected from Falls plantiff chill...
    Aglow in the pleasure of your face--
    Flushed as the burnished leaves upon Autumns hill;... more »

  • (((Free)))

    </></>The Summer sunset washes over me
    Into a Lily-White brillance i am led
    With incredible dancing shadows falling
    I make -the Ivy's leaves- my bed;... more »

  • (((Full Circle)))

    Beginning 'neath the late Summer moonlight-
    Embraced in the leaves of Fall...
    Awed by Winter time and icy places...
    But reponding to the Springs south wind call;... more »

  • (((Garden Wall)))

    The ivy 'tis climbing the Olde Garden Wall...
    Leaving green memory not too far behind--
    While the later zephyrs of Summer dance ever near...
    'Tis a perfect picture out of days past time;... more »

  • (((George Orwell's Building))) (A Family Dwelling On My Street)

    The Doorman 'tis the guardian of the building-
    As the traffic enters in near herds-
    Raising a smile is so much easier-
    Than waxing poetic 'neath an umbrella of words;... more »

  • (((Gods Call Pain And All)))

    Once lost in the wilderness--
    Overwhelmed by the towering trees...
    Confused by the green branches-
    But comforted by the breeze;... more »

  • (((Gods Touch?)))

    In swirlded the stardust...
    From the corridors of the galaxies gates-
    Dancing in joy and unison (a ballet of comets) -
    Super Nova's of yesterdays fate.... more »

  • (((Going Nowhere)))

    Anxiety rides my coatails...
    As i push ever onward ahead-
    Afraid to live...
    Afraid to die-afraid of the dead;... more »

  • (((Golden Sails)))

    As limited as time
    so too- is my love for you;
    Caresses of your neck
    Fill up my once empty heart;... more »

  • (((Golden Years?))) (A Day In The Life Of Seniors)

    When you are old and gray and full of sleep-
    And the morning light breaks upon the hill-
    Your weary bones creak with the havoc of arising-
    Breaking the absolute of earlys morns still;... more »

  • (((Greed Makes For Tight Friends)))

    'You're my very good friend' she said
    We have so much in common...
    All the plans and schemes-hopes and dreams...! ! !
    And the use of our most gifted Shaman;... more »

  • (((Greek Karma)))

    Bedraggled by circumstances of the day...
    Times pause elicited needful news...
    Although turned upside down in reflection unsolicited...
    Although i'm singin': 'You Done Me Wrong Blues'... more »

  • (((Green River Valley)))

    Your face 'tis mirrored in the river-
    Along its banks where moss and algae grow-
    Shadows of the dark forests unfold slowly-
    'Neath the lemon moon- your reflection- simply glows;... more »

  • (((Halcyon Days Of Our Teddy)))

    Tranquil seas they oft' beckoned to me~

    From the deep fathoms yes they did call~... more »

  • (((Hand Of God)))

    </></>Inebriated by your eyes
    I play hide and seek with your face
    'Tis it but folly that has taken hold of me?
    Or 'tis it tempered by God's Loving Grace?... more »

  • (((Heated Exchanges)))

    The day blew in wide open

    With me soaking up the irony... more »

  • (((Hidden Regions)))

    Hidden regions of the Soul...
    Emulate the shine of starry night...
    Lending to a curtsy and bow--
    The Light flows ever bright;... more »

  • (((Holy Week)))

    Dancing in the winds of Spring-
    Golden coils of blessings appear...
    Dappled in for-get-me-nots so blue...
    And caressed by my many tears;... more »

  • (((Home ' I Know')))

    I reach for the sapphire Heavens
    ...Filling my hands with the Firmaments Prayer
    ....On into the Ebon' of Noir'
    ...Where Broken Hearts, cry in despair... more »

  • (((Home Is Where The Heart Is)))

    You are the icing on my cake...

    The thrill of them all...... more »

  • (((How Do You Want Your Egg?)))

    The Sun blossomed in the East-
    As an egg yolk of overpowering size...
    Laid upon a plate of deepest blue-
    And they call it: 'The Sunrise';... more »

  • (((Hyperbole)))

    Like a melodramatic tsunami-
    You self destruct our: 'To Be'-
    Your harbor-wave of monumental catastrophe-
    Washes away, the only remnant of me.... more »