• (((I Will Remember You))) (A Psalm)

    Lion of the Senate-

    Gladiator for all just cause-... more »

  • (((I Colour My World)))

    Within the colours of this day-
    I find myself recounting the days gone by...
    Cherishing every blessed memory...
    While gazing at the sky upon high;... more »

  • (((I Dont Miss You Much)))

    I don't miss you much
    Even though
    I still cry
    At the sound... more »

  • (((Ideal)))

    Remnants of Kansas and Sunflowers--
    Play hopscotch with Angels of my door...
    Guardians of January...
    Guardians of Evermore;... more »

  • (((If Tomorrow Never Comes)))

    The night 'tis long and forboding...
    Its blackness blankets my mind-
    Weakness surmounts as sorrows accounts...
    For the bleak questions and answers i find;... more »

  • (((I'Ll Never Understand)))

    Oh the vunerabilities of we mortals...
    Influenced by the way the changeable wind blows...
    Hurt to the core by the closing of my friends doors...
    Oh so hurt-by the New York Rose;... more »

  • (((In The Palm Of Your Hand)))

    I kept the ticket stub-

    ......And everything else from-
    ...Our last theater date;... more »

  • (((Incomplete)))

    Overwhelmed by priviledge...
    Once carried away by pride--
    Most glorious revelations...
    Are all found in tears i have cried;... more »

  • (((Indian Summer Wonder)))

    What is this field of flowers?
    With cover of blue sky & Autumn sun?
    Roses still abloom aplenty
    Even as frosty day has begun... more »

  • (((Indigo Gal)))

    Indigo crisp is her personality-
    As she breathes in the day...
    Just another Indigo gal? -no...
    Who is on her knowing way....... more »

  • (((Infarct)))

    The tears they welled in her eyes...
    As the sorrows endlessness creeps-
    Deep down inside her very core...
    Her shattered heart forever weeps;... more »

  • (((Insomnia Blues?)))

    Fear of getting caught got you up and scared?
    Are YOU afraid that you have been identified?
    Are ya stewin' in your own juices honey?
    While your PC actions are clarified? ;... more »

  • (((Invasion Again)))

    It's against the law-Amazing Grace...
    The tap-tap-tap of a hidden microphone...!
    'To know-that is'-about this secretive Wiz...
    Has come to: 'The Attention' of Our Home;... more »

  • (((Is This My Rainy Day?)))

    It seems as if that foggy mist has
    Turned into a rainy downpour;
    Reflections of Purple, Brown, and Blue fill
    The puddles-... more »

  • (((It T'Was...)))

    It t'was in the Evergreen moment...
    Of the days of Roses and Wine
    Long into the Golden-Gated past
    To a time-when you were, all mine;... more »

  • (((Joyce Storms)))

    A deluge of thoughts blanket me...
    Once steadied by the shade but no more
    The rain is now steadily pouring
    And in the background a Requiem Mass opens sorrows door.... more »

  • (((Just One More Day)))

    On the edge of denial...
    My mind won't let me absorb--
    Your fleeting glances...
    In directions opposite me;... more »

  • (((Knowledge By Demeanor)))

    Its not the clothes that you wear--
    But more the looks upon your face...
    Your different expressions...
    Visions i will not erase;... more »

  • (((Lap Of Luxury)))

    This day i lounge in luxury-
    As i pull stars from the sky...
    Such amazing sparkling gemstones-
    Rasie the passion in my green eyes;... more »

  • (((Last Hello)))

    There was no warm hello from the get go-
    I felt the chill of your shoulder...
    Over the yawn of the telephone receiver...
    It was as fleeting as a wisp of North Wind!... more »

  • (((Lavender Essence)))

    Lavender essence-

    Breathes the night air;... more »

  • (((Les Tulips)))

    It was a dance for two

    Call it a Floral Ballet afar... more »

  • (((Lies)))

    Your suave ambience
    ...Makes for a clever ploy;
    Words of gratitude- are unnecesary singles-
    ....And gone our your play pretty toys;... more »

  • (((Lies-The Big Picture)))

    The Writing is on the Wall
    ......Hanging from a Nail
    ......A Reminder-A Call... more »

  • (((Life & Death)))

    The flower grew tall to the sky--
    Touching its soft baby blue-
    A graceful spiral of delightful fragrance-
    A floral design blossoming anew--... more »