• (((Natures Firefly)))

    Fireflies in the rose garden
    Evenings cover a blanket of black
    Locked securely over the galaxy
    To the moon and all the way back;... more »

  • (((Never To Win)))

    Casualities of day dreamers...
    Are buried in my reverie-
    Sequined-vivid and blood stained-
    Are our: 'Never To Be's; '... more »

  • (((Night Closes)))

    Darkness crept in from later day-
    And began its descent with colours of dusk 'round...
    Lavender to mauve blushed into much darker hues-
    Befoe the ink black extinguished the day and its sound;... more »

  • (((No Rest For The...)))

    In a mere moments break--
    My tears pour like rain...
    Endlessly falling...
    Into an enormous river of regret;... more »

  • (((Now And Then)))

    It's a sweet mystery of life...
    How you decrease the distance
    Between two points
    By swallowing my smiles... more »

  • (((O' Gracious Me)))

    Cathline-Jersey can be scary...!
    Abeline-it just yells...! !
    Supplements and OTC medicine...! ! !
    Equaline-Equaline-He tells;... more »

  • (((O2b4u)))

    Oh to be yours forever
    .Under opalescent mother of pearl skies
    .To sink into your lazy lagoon of sheer tranquility
    .Where sorrows once accumalated-now are days gone by... more »

  • (((Officer Down)))

    Good-bye to you Officer Rodney Holder...
    Good-bye to one of our finest-most brave-
    Good-bye to all of the protection you afforded us...
    Your service shall not pass away with the grave;... more »

  • (((On My Way To Oz)))

    The round green hill tops of Kansas call to me...
    There is a kind of insanity in the grasses this day-
    As the plain winds gust with no particular destination...
    The lakes become a broken grey-rippled with waves;... more »

  • (((On Her Way To Afternoon)))

    The morn' arrived barefoot
    With words of the Dawn upon her breath
    Sunrise clinged tight with its fingers
    And the green grass prepared for the dews death;... more »

  • (((One Thing Leads To Another)))

    The wind blows pure- unpolluted...

    My blinking eyes see signs of Grace...... more »

  • (((Overwhelmed Ii)))

    I bid adieu to my wandering mind-
    For i must focus on today...
    Caught in between the rise and fall of wellness
    And its various shades of grey;... more »

  • (((Overwhelmed)))

    Worries of the 'morrow...
    Anxieties of this day-
    Torrential waves of doom and gloom...
    Perpetuate our very ways;... more »

  • (((Paper Trail Shredder)))

    The calamity remains
    .....In desecrated skies
    .....Where predominate arrogants
    .....Go seeking perfect alibi's... more »

  • (((Paper In The Wind)))

    The night wind searched...
    For that illusive scrap--
    Of paper penned with-
    Your romantic ode;... more »

  • (((Paradise)))

    Alibaster sands glisten--
    'Neath the Suns tropic cover-
    A canopy for romance...
    A hidden hideaway for lovers;... more »

  • (((Partial Amnesia)))

    Kissing you last night...
    All that i remember--
    Is the yellow and red
    Of our passionate embrace;... more »

  • (((Personal Evolution)))

    </>My shores are all but gone now...
    Time has claimed my sands
    Tears i have cried o'er Love that has died
    My waves ebb and flow now on command;... more »

  • (((Pleasure In Our Bounty)))

    Bountiful harvests compliment you-beloved;
    So rich with the gathering bounty...
    Your wheat and corn fields are most plentiful... indeed--
    Garning the corn 'tis nigh;... more »

  • (((Pledge)))

    Heaven finds me smiling--
    All dischord erased-
    A kiss placed deliberately...
    Upon your sweet-sweet face;... more »

  • (((Poems Of The Heart (Their Origin))))

    Did you perhaps attend my Springtime class?
    Participating flushed and imbued from past silences?
    Or are you in the mountains now?
    Masked in the rocky crags of camouflage?... more »

  • (((Poets Of A Feather)))

    From a circle of inner circumstance i came into being-
    From many light years ago of time-
    Revolved and returned-hopeful-yet concerned...
    I set forth on my mission of rhyme;... more »

  • (((Prevaricator)))

    From high upon a pedestal i write-
    Weak and in total disbelief i cry-
    My eyes- like slits shutting out the blinding light of day-
    While whispers of the real truth-uncover your lie;... more »

  • (((Purple Flowers-No Insolent Blooms)))

    Believing that the day has taken leave of its senses--
    A delay-or so they say--
    Was always in the plan;
    And so as the rain... more »

  • (((R. E. M.)))

    Your Mother is just sleeping

    She is beauty in repose... more »