• ...Icious

    Clinging to the vine
    Ripening in the sun
    Breathing unconsciously
    Life has just begun... more »

  • ‘tis The Season

    As the chill of the winter season begins to knock
    Daylight Savings Time tumbles back on the clock
    Replacing sunlit hours of the day are colorful lights
    Christmas music fills department stores overnight... more »

  • 1984 Dodge Pickup

    There is a strong sentimental attachment
    to an old dark blue pickup with pin stripping
    Hadn't driven it in years…its tires were loosing air
    Intentions of getting it road worthy were slipping... more »

  • 50th Class Reunion

    A long breath of accumulated years
    Has sustain each day as lives veered
    Taking pathways to the unforeseen
    Following fragrant flowering dreams... more »

  • A Bad Day~not

    Woke up in the dark with a chill
    Had a nightmare that could kill
    Realize it was just a terrifying dream
    I was still breathing... no need to scream... more »

  • A Balloon Message

    A balloon slowly descended toward the ground.
    Before touching down, its string tangled around.... more »

  • A Bizarre Bovine Tale

    Early one morning …high in the Alp mountains
    A farmer decided to go to market and sell his cows
    Mooing critters walked up a ramp to the bed of his truck
    The guarded crib had very limited space to carouse... more »

  • A Blossoming Rose

    Feeling full of immeasurable dreams
    Desiring to burst forth with unfolding hues
    Opening with the natural ease of a sigh
    Blessed with a spattering of morning dew... more »

  • A Calming Breeze

    Beautiful skies changing hour by hour
    Floating clouds billow, streak and follow
    Catching glints of sunlight…heightening majesty
    Enhancing tranquility as gentle winds blow... more »

  • A Candle Burns

    A faint breeze stirs
    As the storm approaches
    An inner flame is sheltered
    Behind reassuring walls... more »

  • A Change Of Luck

    It is said that a four leafed clover
    Brings good luck to those that find
    In the middle summer I looked all over
    For a magic leaf of four… a rare kind... more »

  • A Child Brings Joy

    All the time in the world
    Can never be as precious
    As the years your child grows
    It is a luxury of the ambitious... more »

  • A Cold Conclusion

    Vacant hours increase with excuses
    You have so much to do; that’s what you say…
    Can’t spare any length of time like you use to do
    What’s the inspiration for your new cologne spray?... more »

  • A Come Back

    Days of reckoning blaze on the horizon of darkness
    Torturous despair is accompanied by aimlessness
    Your world of deceit is sinking into a whirlpool of guilt
    Crumbling into pieces, eroding all that you have built... more »

  • A Comforting Presence

    A continuous glow surrounds
    as etched memories spark
    Your spiritual presence
    gives light to the vacuous dark... more »

  • A Connection

    Created from dust…
    sparked by luminescence
    Everything is connected
    and pulled taut... more »

  • A Contribution

    Polish the coins of life
    Until they shimmer
    Spend them wisely
    Spread the glimmer... more »

  • A Country Road

    The tree lined country road barely has two lanes
    The serene path narrows and dips straight ahead
    Inviting everyone with a silence that has no name
    Captivated by nature’s beauty… my inner spirit is led... more »

  • A Crayon Drawing

    Thoughts are stir by the sight
    of a familiar picture from the past
    Layers of time saved in a drawing
    by a young child… images that hold fast... more »

  • A Cup Of Tea

    Some how a cup of tea
    Reminds me of you and me
    I was self-contained and mellow
    You were an invigorating fellow... more »

  • A Dark Chocolate Remedy

    Dark chocolate is very beneficial
    It is high in antioxidants that push a button
    improving a deficient immune system…
    also has flavonoids to help the brain function... more »

  • A Day For Love

    Valentine’s Day is reserved for expressing loving ecstasy
    Twenty-four hours for gift giving that encourages intimacy
    What kind of special gift could possibly convey and relate?
    Revealing feelings of love so complete… for a true soul mate... more »

  • A Day Of Closure

    She wore a dress of black
    her self-assigned position
    placed her in the back... more »

  • A Definite Maybe

    Making a decision is a responsibility
    A choice that may be recorded in infamy
    There is a fear of being judged badly
    A safe response is, 'well… maybe.'... more »

  • A Discovery

    Something has been brought to my attention
    About my name that is noteworthy to mention
    Theresa Moore… has a happening that is unique
    Contain within the letters is a word that speaks... more »