• A Gift From God

    You were born inside me.., the sweet Lord put you here,
    To guide me through all the pain, to dry my deepest tear.
    Others tried to sap me dry, taking all that I could give.
    But still I kept pushing on, for you, I had to live.... more »

  • Birth Of Darkness

    In the distance
    A delicate picture forms, within the background of hills
    Birds fly...screaming in the sunset
    The trees reach up to heaven, until... more »

  • Rearview Mirror Image

    An image in my rearview mirror..., and image in my past,
    I see you..., standing there..., that dream, is fading fast.
    The clouds of dust..., lingering, are captured by the wind.
    Tossed and turned.., then released, thrown to the ground again.... more »