• 5: 46 A. M.

    A pale swath of blue emerges
    between dark rectangles
    of buildings on either side
    a transparent strip of sky... more »

  • A New Place To Live

    We need a new place to live.
    Alternative environment
    pad crib lay up... more »

  • Acheron

    'Who listens to classical music, anyway? '
    -Bill Bored, 'Urban Contemporary.'

    structural dawn, vacant skies... more »

  • After Images


    the afternoon tv
    became the very real... more »

  • Allen Ginsberg Called Me Long Distance From New York

    Allen Ginsberg called me long distance from New York..

    It woke me from a sound sleep. Groggily I put
    the receiver to my ear.... more »

  • Aluminum Foil


    It happens from time to time, usually after a prolonged period of sleeplessness and/or use of stimulants.... more »

  • Anthem

    "You can't trust anyone under 50."
    - -the author.

    (Dedicated to the psychedelic experience as epitomized by... more »

  • Betamax

    inser point and counterpoint
    all said
    the porno tape... more »

  • Blue

    sitting in the parked car
    in the parking lot outside Pioneer Market at 12: 30 A.M.
    writing in my notebook on blue paper
    by the dim light of the overhead streetlight... more »

  • Blue Monk

    Thelonious Monk played at
    the Five Spot Café
    in New York City’s
    Greenwich Village district... more »

  • Caregivers


    - of course
    my life has become... more »

  • Childhod's End

    Once the world was larger,
    much larger than today.
    Time stretched on indefinitely,
    as did the horizon.... more »

  • China White

    Cold wind blowing in the junk sick dawn
    I remember the first time anybody ever turned me on.
    I came back in the living room
    Like I was floating on a cloud.... more »

  • Compassion

    On the good nights, I could almost discern three fingers on the face of the moon.

    I could see a person clear across the parking lot and optimistically mistake their identity for that of my friend.... more »

  • Cross Talk


    'flutter.'... more »

  • Cyber Poems


    and so i said take this program of
    artificial intelligence insurgency... more »

  • Dark Side Of Town

    we came home on the dark side of town

    we came home to a deserted rubble of half forgotten memories, children’s toys, fenced yards grown heavy with weeds, and a cold wind blowing... more »

  • Different Drum

    distant at first
    the sound wavering
    in the air
    carried on a faint... more »

  • Distances


    moist... more »

  • Down The Highway

    down the highway
    nocturnal vista
    setting off the night time
    in dots of red and white light... more »

  • Dream #1

    I dream that I meet my friend S____ S_____and Jonny the guitar player.

    They both ask to buy product from me, so I say, 'Yes, I'll do it, but first I have to repunctuate (*) all the signs on Hollywood Boulevard.'

    'I'd like to see that, ' says Jonny.

    'I'd like to write it down, ' says S____S____.... more »

  • Dream #2

    I dream that I go to a Reality Doctor. He says that to rebuild my inner reality I must first defeat my physical senses.

    To do this he recommends a regimen of modern jazz music and abstract expressionist art (1) .... more »

  • Erraterra

    settled over the darkness that
    came between, and mile high
    mindstorm roiled over the... more »

  • Fire

    11: 00 a.m. no money. only three pennies which is enough to cast the ‘i ching’ oracle but not enough to pay the parking meter.

    a week now since the fire. the smell of smoke gradually clearing out from the halls of this cheap hotel where we live.... more »

  • Fresno

    I could almost
    live here.
    It’s like a real city.
    People think it’s... more »