• Philosophical Attitude

    In your eyes
    you are yet
    forgetful of
    your true estate.... more »

  • Plutonium

    The first time the world was destroyed was by water.

    The second time was by fire.... more »

  • Portrait Of The Artist Richard Juhrden As A Young Man

    reflections in the shattered
    looking glass
    many faceted multi talented multi dimensional
    like a diamond cut jewel... more »

  • Room 203

    I woke in the black of night
    In the Universe Hotel, Room 203.

    I didn’t know where I was... more »

  • Said They Said

    Said they said
    there is a plastic
    bubble protecting the point
    half a blog... more »

  • Satan's Turnpike

    Satan built a highway
    Across the United States
    And straight up to Alaska
    To span the Bering Strait*... more »

  • Scrambled Eggs

    one egg apiece
    she names the eggs before she fries them
    she writes the names on the shells
    before she drops them into the skillet... more »

  • Self Discovery Doa

    Self discovery in a park
    frequented by senior citizens

    self discovery in a car where i have driven... more »

  • Seven Hells Have I

    Devil may care
    What seals my fate.
    What others would share
    The Devil may take.... more »

  • Silent Spring

    I woke in the morning to the raucous “caw-cawing” of a crow.

    He was perched on the electric wires above my sidewalk bed, swaying back and forth in the breeze to keep his balance as he cried.... more »

  • So You Want To Be A Poet?

    (for Suzanne Lummis)

    So you want to be a poet?
    Not, I guess, if all you want is to write something... more »

  • Solar

    To find a spiritual center
    by listening within
    by shutting out external sensation
    by discontinuing the... more »

  • Sometimes

    Sometimes my spirit weeps

    Sometimes my heart cries out in agony... more »

  • Sonnet

    There is a deeper meaning to be found
    Within a poem not defined by words
    For it’s not the meaning but the sound
    That speaks unspoken to be heard.... more »

  • Teachers

    They were teachers

    Those colossal masters of the saxophone
    Taking us from the center of the universe... more »

  • Text

    as poets we are externally
    no different from any other persons. ... more »

  • The Ancient Race

    and who am i to tell?
    and what am i to say?
    and who am i to tell?
    and what am i to say?... more »

  • The Black Stars

    along the highway
    we passed the black holes
    of burned out stars... more »

  • The Book Of Vladimir

    Book One

    These are the words received in a dream
    which I wrote in a book when I... more »

  • The Case For Wisdom At 5: 00 A.M.

    that old grim reaper that’s been
    following us for so long
    that ultimate tax collector that... more »

  • The Death Of Billie Holiday

    When Billie Holiday died
    (for all our sins)
    all she had was $500
    taped to the inside of her thigh... more »

  • The Death Of Poetry

    Poetry is dead and God is alive.
    I heard these words and began to cry.
    Without poetry what would become of me,
    Drowning in a sea of Christianity?... more »

  • The Devil's Country

    'We go by a secret path along the rim
    of the dark city between the wall and the torments.
    My master leads me and I follow him.'
    - Dante, THE INFERNO... more »

  • The Game Of Chess

    The real meaning of things is not
    usually at first perceived.... more »

  • The Human Kind

    We are all children
    Lost on horizons
    That compass our dreams... more »