Poetry is a love of mine, second only to music. I don't believe in constricting poems by rhyme, but meter, rhythm and unconventional rhyming are important in how I compose my work. Saying that, I know I shouldn't call it 'work, ' being that it SEEMS to be laborious these days, and not when I wrote a lot of this stuff. At the time of the majority of these poems' first drafts, it was more of a necessity to my sanity and general well being, than working. Nowadays, though, it often feels like work...and maybe that's not a bad thing :) . Thanks so much for tuning in my little embarrassments and prizes for having a difficult time of living.


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Tolstoy's War And Peace

Tolstoy's 'War and Peace' - events and history
(also, Love) caught
in the making: these years
surrounding the year 1812: a time of... more »


is like standing
on crumbling land.
it comes sometimes in disguise... more »

A Horse With A Broken Rib

in the Holy
divine shower before
a flood, a deserted saint
of the plain neared; she... more »

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