Thomas Ford, lutenist and composer, was born in England in 1580.

Not much is known about Ford, though it is known that he was appointed the position of musician to Prince Henry in 1611, and from 1625 to the civil war, appointed the same position to Charles I.

He was remember principally as a composer of ‘ayres’, a type of composition developed by Dowland, a melodic prominence is given to the upper voice.

Ford’s works includes, Musicke of Sundrie Kindes (1607), the first part in which contained several songs, eleven of them ayres, for example; Faire Sweet Cruell, and There is a Ladie Sweet and Kind.

Ford also wrote several anthems, one of which being Miserere My Maker, and the famous unoccompanied vocal composition, Since first I saw your Face. He is also noted for his piece in Leighton’s The Teares and Lamentations of a Sorrowful Soule.

Thomas Ford died, November 17, 1648 in London, England .


Thomas Ford Poems

There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind

There is a lady sweet and kind,
Was never face so pleas'd my mind;
I did but see her passing by,
And yet I love her till I die.... more »

Yet If His Majesty Our Sovereign Lord

Yet if his majesty our sovereign lord
Should of his own accord
Friendly himself invite,
And say "I'll be your guest to-morrow night."... more »

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