• Cyndi

    Coming of the new day,
    Shine bright in her eyes,
    Pushing the clouds away,
    Opening up the skies.... more »

  • Forever

    Forever next to you,
    I wish I could be.
    Forever by you,
    I wish it was me.... more »

  • In My Arms

    Fourteen days,
    To the night,
    In my arms,
    I held you tight.... more »

  • Lost Love

    And with that,
    Your final words,
    You just left me,
    On my own.... more »

  • What Love Is

    You tell me I don't know
    What Love is.
    You tell me it's not true.
    Well I'll tell you... more »

  • You Are My Brother, My Twin

    “You are my brother, my twin.”
    To this day these words burn me.
    “I am responsible for your welfare.”
    But in a way it sooths me.... more »