Thomas Kane Poems

Heart Seed Of Love

Bare is the ground
One left to lonely ways
Day dawns and passes away
The same sorrow song... more »

A Woman's Worth

Divine Beauty that catches the eye
A gift of life, carry, and sacrifice
So much good comes from a woman's worth
Be sure to value and dare not price... more »

The Common

Man shared snared and flared
Greed got green as gold scratches
Backs not a thing cats climbing wall
Fatter and fatter baby balloon baboon behavior... more »

Thomas Kane Quotes

Don't live life by weight or measure but build by the rule and you will be sure to find pleasure.
The idea of measuring up to someone's expectations don't seem to go as expected. That said in itself is the idea our expectations are likely to be flawed. The General Rules you find in life through lessons learned shape our behavior the more lessons you learn the better off you will be. Speaking also from a construction standpoint. The more precise measurements (rule) you use the more satisfaction you will have when your work is completed for all to see.
manifestum lumen ex intus
Light brings from within
You do not gain by reducing nor will you ever, but you gain by knowing of all things reduced.
The source of wisdom is knowing that a source is from where it came and that source is reducible but never reduced. So it always will be as it always was and never will it not be. Will, Was, Never / Source, Know, Wisdom/ Good, Bad, Choice Light, Dark, Gravity, God, Son, Spirit All reduced to three leaves 1,3 never was 2 without 1 and never was 1 without 3

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