• A Woman's Worth

    Divine Beauty that catches the eye
    A gift of life, carry, and sacrifice
    So much good comes from a woman's worth
    Be sure to value and dare not price... more »

  • As It Turns

    ... more »

  • Awake

    As the alarm sounds a week to go by
    Seen dreamers waste in the why
    Hour by our standard leaves soon to fall
    Winter wears the bones too dry... more »

  • Baby Boy

    The day a boy a son is coming soon
    Precious life sprung from a beautiful wife
    A gift from God uplifting and kinda odd
    The things we must do as a parent to you... more »

  • Boy Wonder

    There was moment in a long ago time
    When people talked their stories shine
    Brighten the day with a simple rhyme
    So this was good in fact, just fine... more »

  • Distant Tree

    ... more »

  • Fore Hind

    I say if you knew, would you play a few a tune
    A song written once heard, sure bet you will bitten
    Hooked in line, but weight here comes the sinker
    Leave it all behind for the fore hind is ahead... more »

  • Future Son

    ... more »

  • Glory Falls

    ... more »

  • God Is

    Servant to a greater God good Is the sound now
    Trumpet of the Angel mighty and loud
    Sing for the saints so many know how
    Hallow is he who holds the faith strong... more »

  • Heart Seed Of Love

    Bare is the ground
    One left to lonely ways
    Day dawns and passes away
    The same sorrow song... more »

  • Home Set A Star

    The fool at heart wise by his start
    A magicians wand waves the mission
    So as we are so here we all are
    Near but a star a son set a far... more »

  • Hope

    When you stumble so
    Catch and try to go
    For if you have fallen though
    Just get up and know... more »

  • If Only

    The times we find in a line looks so simple
    Life's major events drawn out till your end
    History we all make it, but did you truly embrace it... more »

  • If Only Candy Could Teach

    Like the kid in the candy store
    I stand looking at the things I adore
    Sweet little treats as I shuffle my feet
    To choose one of the many is an incredible feat... more »

  • It's My Mind Not Yours

    ... more »

  • Least Be Found

    Waste not in winter's eve.
    Taste soon apples heir.
    First sin cast out of gardens glow.
    Least be found, what clay we ground... more »

  • Love Rushes In

    Love run a ground
    One left now found

    Day dreams pass way... more »

  • Meadow Green Measures

    Valley lotus bloom
    Found upon a pond
    Flower peddle pluck
    A honeysuckle suck... more »

  • Mom

    ... more »

  • Poe Um

    Deep words contrast a shallow mine
    Pits in the stomach free peach to find
    Letter and fall what function I define
    The symbol subliminally wires the mind... more »

  • Poets Evermore

    Oh ye poet of poems, the father of inked lines
    Penned words posted by many intrinsic minds
    Nature's power and awe a poet need not endure
    Waves crashing joy upon the rocky synapses... more »

  • Puki

    ... more »

  • Q

    Moments converge on the root matter
    Evil being purged in the days latter
    Tribulations raptured with the COVID capture
    Nations knell to the ultimate benefactor... more »

  • Roman Dance

    So I lay down a nestle
    With you an intimate wrestle
    Passion pours the cup of wine
    Pleasure plucks that very vine... more »