• 10 Years Of Treading Water

    Open the door for what I have to say
    This thought process needs oxygen to breath
    These past ten years have been a river inflicted on myself
    Every new wave that crashes carves new trenches deep whithin my chest... more »

  • Deep Blue

    Between the middle line and the one slightly to the left is that same aura
    The one that looks grey, but you know better
    You can see past the grey to look upon its deep blue
    Almost like a good friend or a healthy human face... more »

  • Details Of Existance

    Everything we know about ourselves is defined by the characteristics we see in the world
    We only know ourselves by comparison of these details
    Without this observation of our surroundings we are lost
    No more or less than anything else we could experience... more »

  • Dialog Of Sand And Sea

    Walking an old dirt road
    Kicking up sand into my eyes
    Into the wind blowing
    Buzzing and humming from all directions... more »

  • Falling In Love With A Language

    I will address you with my lungs
    And still expect a breath of air
    Each spoken word's a different verse
    Though sometimes sounds the same... more »

  • From A Dirt Salesman

    What's the purpose in purchase and sale
    When we weather this storm through the wind and the hail
    Set apart from this ship that's sinking and sifting the water... more »

  • I Was A Giant

    I witnessed myself become buried amongst the trees
    I was the mountain and I was the sea
    Incapable of recognizing myself I motioned
    To all life for comfort and fame... more »

  • It's Funny How We Grow Up

    It's funny how the person we thought we would be never happens
    How it takes so long to figure out what's important to us... more »

  • It's Good To Know

    It's good to know that I mean nothing
    People don't want to talk to me
    I'm just a piece of a planet
    A speck of dust stuck floating in the air... more »

  • No Words, Just Air

    Hands in pockets and shut my mouth
    My judgement's been effected
    Impacted and collapsed upon itself
    I've lost what words to say from here... more »

  • Romance The Universe

    In this ever expanding universe that constantly surprises us
    We gently glide through a crack in a corner rooted to a platform of dust
    Though some have jumped this organic and potential paradise of a planet
    We have yet to escape this small town we call our solar system... more »

  • Temporary

    It's hard to understand
    This life is more than just pain
    Trials that test our temperament... more »

  • The Paper

    God Smiled down on him
    Forever the man thought he had been forgotten
    But not at this moment
    For this time he could feel a small light inside of him... more »