• Ode To Sleep

    On this my pensive pillow, gentle Sleep!
    Descend, in all thy downy plumage drest:
    Wipe with thy wing these eyes that wake to weep,
    And place thy crown of poppies on my breast.... more »

  • On King Arthur's Round Table At Winchester

    Where Venta's Norman castle still uprears
    Its rafter'd hall, that o'er the grassy foss,
    And scatter'd flinty fragments clad in moss,
    On yonder steep in naked state appears;... more »

  • Solitude At An Inn

    Oft upon the twilight plain,
    Circled with thy shadowy train,
    While the dove at distance coo'd,
    Have I met thee, Solitude!... more »

  • The Pleasures Of Melancholy

    Mother of musings, Contemplation sage,
    Whose grotto stands upon the topmost rock
    Of Teneriffe; 'mid the tempestuous night,
    On which, in calmest meditation held,... more »

  • Verses On Sir Joshua Reynold's Painted Window At New College, Oxford

    Ah, stay thy treacherous hand, forbear to trace
    Those faultless forms of elegance and grace!
    Ah, cease to spread the bright transparent mass,
    With Titian's pencil, o'er the speaking glass!... more »

  • While Summer Suns O'Er The Gay Prospect Play'D

    While summer suns o'er the gay prospect play'd,
    Through Surrey's verdant scenes, where Epsom spread
    'Mid intermingling elms her flowery meads,
    And Hascombe's hill, in towering groves array'd,... more »

  • Written At Stonehenge

    Thou noblest monument of Albion's isle!
    Whether by Merlin's aid, from Scythia's shore,
    To Amber's fatal plain Pendragon bore,
    Huge frame of giant-hands, the mighty pile... more »