Ti'ara D. Perry Biography

My name is Ti'Ara Darlette Perry, born December 13,1993. I grew up in Atlanta, Ga. I attended Panola Way Elementary School coming up which is located in Stone Mountain, Ga. I began arts as far as drawing, sketch, music, dance, and even spoken word, which led me to writing poems. I started writing at 8 years old. The age of 10 I began singing. However, at first not knowing I've had a voice, I had a friend I met in 4th grade who could sing so beautifully, whom also taught me how to hold a note. After I hit the age of 15 I knew I had potential for the music industry whether I had a manager, or just someone who'd stand by me through it all and even support the fact that I would love to be heard also known everywhere.16 years old, I decided I was ready to be intimate though I thought at an early age how amazing it could be. I set myself up for disappointment after getting with a boy that led our relationship to become domestic. Right then,8 months later I had one handsome little soldier whom name is Tyrique L. Perry, born premature but strong. Now, knowing my life isn't my own anymore I give everything and do all I can as a single mother. Poetry is one thing that gets my mind in motion and ready for lead. Despite the set back on my future dreams, I had it tough true enough but I made it work! however and what ever way possible. I've been taken advantage of, jumped, discriminated against, and for me to have been so young with child, I stood up for myself because to walk in my shoes you would have to have a great strength of a backbone to have as much courage and dignity as I do, as well as bravery, ambition, devotion, and motives. Enough of that and for my outer limitations seeking to know more about me please feel free and don't be afraid of emailing, messaging me about anything because that's my purpose of becoming inspirational.