• A Deep Werewolf Dream

    I'm howling at the moon
    Always searching for you
    I know you’re in the night
    Wanting to taste and bite... more »

  • A Poison To Good To Be True

    He poisoned me
    He didn’t care
    He sunk those fangs into my neck
    He poisoned me... more »

  • A Ravenous Beast

    A Ravenous Beast

    I search though the night
    I search through the day... more »

  • A Storm That Is My Peace

    Rain to me is very sweet
    The sound is over whelming
    Calling to me like a dream
    That has been told... more »

  • A Sweet Kiss

    When I daydream
    What do I see
    You, waiting for me... more »

  • An Arabian Time

    The sweet of the night
    and the heat of the sand
    a fire that's right
    what a devilish hand... more »

  • Anger In My Mind

    Why must you torment me so?
    Why do you want me to go?
    Where am I so supposed to be?
    With you all I want to do is scream... more »

  • Aphrodisiac Bullet

    Love a sadistic, an aphrodisiac poison
    Feel the heat, burn to ashes
    Make the people think of you, of the body of sweat
    Always show no fear! Live till the fullest... more »

  • Are These My Tears

    Are these my tears?
    As I stand in the rain
    Are these my tears?
    That brings me so much pain... more »

  • Baby Time

    baby your as soft as honey
    it tickels when you lick honey off my tummy
    or how about a little bit of strawberrys
    what a delicious time... more »

  • Call Me

    call me when your sad
    call me when your mad
    call me when your hurt
    call me when you need some comfort... more »

  • Club Desire

    The way he moves and makes a seen
    Makes me feel weak in the knees
    The way he looks
    He’s got me by the hook... more »

  • Come Listen To A Siren

    My sweet heart in love
    look into my eyes
    feel it now
    surely you know... more »

  • Firefly Meets Lilly

    A powerful dream
    Sends me into a slumber
    Laying in wait as you appear
    In my dream once again... more »

  • Gangs Of War

    gangs are a lie
    they make you feel worse inside
    they make you feel temptation
    some people in gangs need to see the realization... more »

  • Geek Love

    We hold hands at conventions
    He gives me flash drive roses
    We have dinner at a Cyber Café
    Where I give him a gold game controller... more »

  • Heart Depression

    the love I feel is just a word of hope
    drifting into the sea of emptyness
    in which i am condemd to feel until the end of time
    I am without a word of sadness... more »

  • In And Out Of The Night

    Lets fly,
    The drums of the engine
    with the speed of the ride
    and the roar of the riders... more »

  • Light And Dark

    I am his light
    he is my darkness
    we spin together in an eternal love
    he watches my blue sapphire eyes in the lunar moon... more »

  • Love Of Wind

    the soft blow through my hair
    it makes me feel so free this element that i see
    it stays with me and only me
    it flows with the essence of flowers... more »

  • Midnight Love

    Under the crescent moon I lay
    Silk garments rub me as the wind blows
    The stars lay still in my eyes
    The lunar essence shines on me... more »

  • 'Oil Thy Heart Well'

    Sometimes in the midst of what happens
    Everything that stands stills moves again
    Though one would argue that the heart is gold
    Most will never know it’s like oil... more »

  • Peace And Quiet

    I'm screaming so loud
    I'm dying inside
    the walls close around
    and people start to cry... more »

  • Sweet Fire

    Total heat
    In my heart
    With a touch
    I can make sparks... more »

  • Sweet Taste

    On my tounge
    Never Bitter... more »