• Sweet Tender Revenge

    You think I need you
    you need to try again
    you think i belong to you
    well you need to think again... more »

  • Tell Me

    I see your face light up when you look at me
    Do you think I'm some kind of prize?
    what because i cant see it in your eyes
    what am i suppose to be too you... more »

  • The Butterfly Goddess For Vampires

    My blood butterfly
    Flying through the darkness
    Sprinkling nirvana light
    on the creatures of the blood moon... more »

  • The Moon Watches Over Me

    Sleep calls as I grace the night
    To tired to move paralyzed on a bed
    The crescent moon shines on me
    Calling me to a sleep so deep... more »

  • Two Boys, One Fight

    I love it when they fight over me
    I love it when they think they need me
    Waiting for a decision to come
    But I won’t tell... more »

  • We Are The Beast

    We are what you see
    We are what you bleed
    We are what we need
    We are all a beast... more »

  • Weak Without You

    im so weak without you
    i need you
    you are my heart beat
    you are what i need... more »