• Confusion

    I'm so confused.
    do you like me or not
    you were everything, I thought.
    You were so nice to me... more »

  • Everyday...

    Everyday I see you
    our love always shines through.

    Everyday we would write notes... more »

  • Everytime

    Every time I see your face
    my heart starts to race.
    I still like you
    through and through.... more »

  • I Love The Way

    I love the way you love me
    you make me be the
    only girl you see.... more »

  • I Think...

    I think I like you
    I'm not sure if my feelings are true.
    You act like we're just friends
    and you always give me a smile before the day ends.... more »

  • It's Time

    It's time
    to celebrate when you are mine.

    It's time... more »

  • Just For You

    We both know we were meant to be together,
    through happy times, sad times, and any kind of weather.
    I know we just had a fight,
    but you're all I think about at night.... more »

  • Missing You

    We both know that we were
    meant to be together.
    I really love you
    and I miss you too.... more »

  • My Love Sonnet

    My love for you is burning intensely,
    Always finding myself thinking of you,
    And then my love for you grows immensely,
    I want to know if our love can be true.... more »

  • My Thoughts...

    I used to like you
    in my mind thoughts of you went through.
    I used to think you were sweet
    ever since the day we meet.... more »

  • Our First Dance

    Our first dance,
    At a school get together.
    It was then I knew I could talk to you whenever.
    When you first touched my hips,... more »

  • The Way I Feel

    You are the cutest boy I've ever seen.
    To have the courage, me come to you, and talk.
    We could have a connection that's unseen,
    Always thinking; of ways for us to talk.... more »

  • Thinking

    I thought you were the one
    I thought if I was with you my day would be done.
    I thought you were the perfect guy
    that I could spend my time with, as time went by... more »

  • What Is Love?

    Is it a feeling or emotion?
    Is it a spell or potion?
    Is it some obligation or devotion?... more »

  • You Are More..

    you are more than just a friend,
    you are always there for me until the end.
    i have known you for awhile
    ever since then, you have always made me smile.... more »

  • You Have...

    You have eyes that sparkle like stars
    when you look at me, my heart feels locked behind bars.

    You have a voice that is strong and sweet... more »