TR Tiffany Rockelle September 16,1995

Hi. i go by tiffany rockelle, tiny t, tiny timmie, tiny tim, little bit, short stuff, babygirl, rebel kelly, and lots of other stuff. i live with my mom and dad and my dog Stormie... my close family lives all near me. i am in band, church, youth group, and lots of other stuff. i loooooove to read, listen to music, and have fun. i rele enjoy writing poems cuz it helps me express wat i'm thinkin about. i think poetry, music and friends make the world a better place cuz it helps put things in clear view. i was saved on June 9th,2010 and Baptized on March 13th,2011. i rele enjoy being a christain. i know i'm not perfect the only 1 who is was Jesus. but i try because i love God and i want him to love me for tryin. two of my favorite verses is JOHN 3: 16 'for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who so ever believeth in him shall not died but has everlasting life.' and PSALMS 23.



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