Tilly Rivers Biography

Born in rural Canada the youngest of a family of six, Tilly Rivers began her journey of challenging the status quo, pushing the limits of society and her peers at a very young age.

A pure thrill seeker, Rivers lives life to its fullest whether it is sky diving, horseback riding or dancing the night away!

As an internationally renowned best selling author and poet-Rivers is a muti-award winner for her Poetry and Erotica prose -a recipient of the American Writers-Writer of the year award three years in a row.

Her erotica prose has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and she is hailed as one of the best in the industry, her poetry has won hundreds of awards, including the NAPA award. Her ability to capture her readers be it a fantasy or the raw feelings of her poetry has been publicly recognized as the best in the world.

Tilly Rivers has been featured in both traditional print and online articles and media outlets world wide-her celebrity status as author has gained her international attention. Yet her humble attitude and down-to-earth approach is just one of many of the reasons she is so popular.

Tilly Rivers hosted “Let’s Talk About It” on thatradio.com-for a brief time before beginning her own show “Features” beginning in May of 2008. Her fall release “Forbidden Fruit” will be in select bookshops and various online venues this fall. Rivers plans on touring Canada and the USA late fall/ winter 08/09-

Tilly’s career spanning the entertainment and business sectors, daring nature to try things a bit differently from the main stream, and zest for life creates a passionate platform for everything Tilly does.

Tilly Rivers will be releasing Forbidden Fruit in the fall of 2008. Among her writing credits are best selling erotica anthologies, Seditious and Salacious, Award winning poetry book Just the Way It Is. Erotica prose Wisteria Moon has won several awards and honorable mentions. Other releases by Rivers are full length erotic romance novels; Master of his Destiny and Savage Freedom, Poetry books Perfumed Sheets and Rainy Day Musings.

Tilly Rivers contributed and coordinated the release of Sensual Secrets. Her freelance contributions are both in traditional and online venues. She is the winner of NAWA, three years in a row, NAPA winner two years running, and has received hundreds of awards and honorable mentions for erotica and poetry contributions. As well as being a popular public speaker, and radio host.