• 21st Century War

    another little lethal step
    another little blatant threat
    another political point to score
    it’s a 21st century war... more »

  • A Story Like The Wind

    listen to the birds their song is ominously changed
    dawn is filled with sounds coloured with fear
    the clouds snarling shapes are subtly re-arranged
    something dark and dangerous is near... more »

  • All In All

    all is fair in love and war
    and you get more than you bargain for
    you can never be too sure
    -of what you realised... more »

  • All The Days Pass

    I missed your words and never saw the movement of your hand
    how little we see or ever understand
    all the days pass all the days pass all the days pass and
    after the waves there are no footprints on the sand... more »

  • As We Wake 11.9.2001 (After Wh Auden)

    cold fires are still smouldering on wall street
    hope expires and day and night times meet
    in the secret dread we've all been waiting for
    dust clouds slowly spread while flames still melt the core... more »

  • Beyond Blue

    touch the sun rise
    see the hawk flies
    feel the wide skies
    fill your soul... more »

  • Cloud Cuckoo Land

    the road goes on forever
    the story has no end
    we will always be together
    in the land of let's pretend... more »

  • Is Your Indecision Final?

    Is your indecision final?
    will you not make up your mind?... more »

  • Lost

    i lost myself yesterday
    in a good book
    it was all about mending fences
    no matter what... more »

  • Meals On Wheels To Number 18

    the dog barks when meals on wheels
    brake outside the garden gate.
    the old man’s right there at the door
    so she never has to wait... more »