• All The Light You Can

    Strike a match and light your sky
    And stars will swirl like sparklers
    Cart wheeling towards a black hole... more »

  • Am I Fooling Myself

    Venus’s been hovering west of the moon,
    following Earth’s satellite like a dog
    looking for a bone. Each night, I walk
    through Bryn Mawr, climbing each steep hill... more »

  • At This Point

    Everything is burning - scorched with flames
    sunsets rupture rafters of elevated trains.
    At my age fire forges -
    a small blue jay's fury due... more »

  • Clarity

    Is the vision one has in the morning
    After the first cup of coffee

    The squeaky-clean sight line of pine trees and hills immediately... more »

  • Do Not Hide

    from your past
    like a lost sock
    beneath your bed
    & don't duck behind clouds... more »

  • He & She, Circa 1929

    Here he was the summer of '29,
    driving a coal truck from upstate down route
    611 towards Philly. He bought
    cosmos at a road side stand... more »

  • Idea Of God

    The notion is beyond
    intellect -
    it’s hard to grasp edge of infinity;
    we want one more step... more »

  • Idiot Spring


    daffodils tinged brown arched over
    hunch backed broken... more »

  • Infinity

    I graph the points I’ve touched along railroad tracks;
    among stones and broken ties I count my losses.

    My gains, reflected in muddy puddles,... more »

  • Long Pond Bridge

    As kids we would sneak out to Long Pond Bridge
    When the sun settled beyond
    the white birch sky-line. We would look
    at the manmade lake, our reflections... more »

  • Lunch Break Outside The Joseph Oat's Machine Shop

    On a pier right above the Delaware & adjacent to a factory,
    a man takes a lunch break,
    legs kicking absent-mindedly as he ponders
    the number of holes he needs to drill through... more »

  • Lyric

    Forget the wild weeds along the river
    and the dirt paths dividing the mountains.
    Let me embrace the city,
    its rotten canals and its tankers. I will ride... more »

  • Morning Run

    The ball blazes red on the horizon
    & dissipates like napalm over the river
    it could bring down the skyline
    of Philly if it weren't for the birds... more »

  • Raising The Ax

    It is the sound of the log splitting
    and its echo
    which marks my passage
    into manhood. My father stands... more »

  • Temptation

    “Jesus was led up by the spirit
    into the wilderness to be tempted.”
    Matthew 4: 1... more »

  • The Coldest May Since God Knows When

    And I sit here, hearing a muse snicker,
    Informing me that I’ll never compose
    A poem worth the time wasted on it.
    I pace the floorboards and listen... more »

  • Transfiguration

    outside the liquor store a bum
    begs for loose change.
    car fare, he said, but the glint in his eye
    of disillusionment and fury... more »

  • Yes, An Ascension

    Yes, the rain deferring to the sun, shining
    Through clouds, revealing dust hovering
    In a shaft of light. Yes to the ice caps
    On mountains melting, forming rivers... more »