• Do Chairs Have Feelings Too?

    Is a chair aware of the derriere there?
    Does it care that you take up its space?
    Does it ever purport to offer support
    As you stick your rear in its face?... more »

  • For Who's Benefit?

    My nerves scream as I trudge
    Through the drudgery
    Of the scatter’d files of no-souls land.
    Carnage at the counter... more »

  • Hat

    My hat
    It’s not all that
    But it sits on me quite nicely
    Though I couldn’t say precisely... more »

  • I Can'T Sleep

    I can’t sleep
    ‘Cos all the sheep
    That help me doze
    Have gone on strike... more »

  • Thanks For Nothing

    I saw your car
    He was there, in the passenger seat
    Complete with sunglasses
    And a crooked smile... more »